Rock Band Blitz Review at CalmDownTom

CalmDownTom says, "At one point it seemed like there was an endless line of rhythm games in the works over at Harmonix. They had pushed the sereies to the point that it just seemed silly to keep innovating. Rock Band 3 actually taught you how to play the damned instruments. There was nowhere beyond that, aside from actually buying a classical trained tutor with every copy of Rock Band 4. So what was left for the genre? Was there anything left unexplored?"

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KrystofKage2232d ago

You weren't happy because you felt your entire rock band library should work in a DEMO version of this game? Who the hell would buy it if that worked? To each their own, but it's a terrible reason to ding it in a review. I want more Rolling Stones songs but I wouldn't bash the game because of it.