Wii U: A Hard Sell?

There is a misguided consensus amongst quite a few that Nintendo are directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, which I personally believe they stopped attempting to do quite a few years ago: even if Nintendo themselves seem to forget this on occasion.

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NastyLeftHook03540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

im sold on the wii u until ps4 comes out, i will be anticipating the next zelda and metroid.

bothebo3540d ago

I think it could very much be a hard sell. I think the majority of it depends on launch price though. Guess we'll find out!

iamnsuperman3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

If it is dirt cheap then it is worth it. If it is a reasonable/normal price I am going to wait until I see what the other two have to offer (might as well way up my options and not rush buy). Consoles are not cheap even if priced reasonably.

Summons753538d ago

That's the only thing I'm waiting for. They convinced me on the tablet controller, they covinced me with games I wanna play (big problem for me with the Wii had very few great games) now all that is left is the price. $250 is perfect, 300 would be okay.

beerkeg3538d ago

It's a first day buy for me.

tehpees33538d ago

Not really. People will buy it because of Nintendo's games. Nintendo have the easiest sales in the industry because of how big their franchises are.

NYC_Gamer3538d ago

It's an easy sell for people who enjoy Nintendo franchises

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The story is too old to be commented.