Telltale has dreams of becoming the next Valve

Telltale Games has ambitions to become a "major, first-class digital publisher" within the next five to ten years "right there with Valve," the firm's co-founder Kevin Bruner has said.

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Carl_Shocker2326d ago

Maybe you should expand your genres and do non point and click games in the future.

DarkTower8052326d ago

And do they actually have any original ips, or is every game they've done based off the coattails of someone elses hard work.

OhMyGandhi2326d ago

they are way too comfortable with what they develop, they need to expand their genres into uncharted Territory. valve wouldn't exist without a combination of risk and some of the best writing in the business.

Sketchy_Galore2326d ago

Obviously they need to do this if they want to be like Valve but as far as being themselves go I'm really liking their point and click games. Sure they have one thing they do but it's one thing that completely sets them apart from everyone else out there right now and fulfills a much needed niche in the gaming world.

Don't get me wrong, I hope everyone not involved solely in the creative areas of this company gets fired and then beaten up and struck by lightning as they leave the offices. I just have to admit I'm loving their take on point and click adventure gameplay, especially with the Walking dead, with which they're close to perfecting their formula.

Chrono2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Isn't Valve focusing on a small number of genres too?

DeadlyFire2326d ago

At least they are making a profit and doing well. If they keep that going they will be fine. I do agree with them only creating LEGO games, episodic stories, and such as the only real thing they have attempted, but maybe they are building up the bank to try something else in the near future to shoot them up there with the big leagues.

Huarle2326d ago

Don't confuse Telltale (episodic adventures) with Travellers Tale/TT Games (Lego games).

Somehow their statemant doesn't make much sense though as Valve is so much more than just a publisher for digital games.

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Ares84HU2326d ago

Well, a lot of work needs to be done if they are hoping for that.

stuntman_mike2326d ago

they need to work more on their game testing before they release stuff, a lot of their stuff is bugged out.

taquito2326d ago

well, good luck with that

steam is the top dog, no one is anywhere close, psn and xbox live are utter garbage compared to steam, let alone these little startups

lol....beamdog.....nice game selection, it makes psn's library look robust and their prices seem "fair"


Letros2326d ago

Greenmangaming is great for deals, buy a lot of my steam games there

Sketchy_Galore2326d ago

They've got the whole refusing to release the next part of an episodic series on time and ignoring customer's questions down. It's a start.

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The story is too old to be commented.