The 4th Wall: The Next 5 PSOne Classics Should Be…

Vagary's Joey Alesia writes: "Finally, the PS Vita is able to play PSone games. You can play the standard issue Final Fantasies, Resident Evils, etc. Most of these games are not yet available in the Playstation Store, but can still be transferred to the Vita if downloaded to a PS3 first (just make sure you haven’t actually installed the game yet. It needs to be in the bubble). I did some thinking about less well known games PSone games I would like to see on the Playstation Store. "

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wishingW3L2937d ago

for the love of god they should add Suikoden II already. -_-

DivineAssault 2936d ago

If suikoden 2 comes out on the network, ppl will prolly start selling their physical copies.. That game is worth a lil bit of cash.. great fit on vita

Infiny2936d ago

I want Suikoden 2 so badly.
Can't find a physical copy that i can afford.

mi_titan272936d ago

Your right every Suikoden II ive seen is over $100! I believe a store by me has this game for cheap, but no case

InklingGirl2936d ago

Jersey Devil
Medievil 2
Wild 9
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

knifefight2936d ago

It amazes me how good Metal Gear VR Missions still is.

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