Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Two New Screenshots From Its Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack

Enjoy two new screenshots from Medal of Honor: Warfighter's Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack

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execution172231d ago

hopefully the MP is better then the halfassed job dice did with MoH

topekomsi2231d ago

It looks to be shaping up nicely. I am truly excited for this title.

WeskerChildReborned2231d ago

Yea, i'm hoping MP will be fun.

Adexus2231d ago

Quite looking forward to trying out the MP for this but £7.99 for just 2 maps? What an absolute joke.

Ares84HU2231d ago

The game isn't out yet and we are already talking about DLC??? How about putting these two maps in the game instead. I think we pay enough as it is. We shouldn't be paying close to $80 for a game.

GamingManiac2231d ago

Maybe it's for preorders? Still sucks tho...

Arif_Sohaib2231d ago

Again no research at all.
Chitral has nothing to do with the Bin Ladin hunt. It is a mountainous area most famous for having the world's highest Polo ground. And is a famous tourist destination.
Abbotabad looks nothing like the screenshots.
The language shown on the banners is not Urdu, it doesn't even look like Arabic(which isn't spoken at all in Pakistan outside of some religious circles). Also most banners in Pakistan are in English not Urdu(at least in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Murree).
At least Ghost Recon Future Soldier had proper Urdu and a lot of English banners and billboards thrown in.