UFG would 'love' to make a Sleeping Dogs sequel

United Front Games would "love to make another Sleeping Dogs", the game's executive producer Stephen van Der Mescht has said, adding that the team is "really happy" that the title ended up as a new IP, rather than a True Crime game.

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Hellsvacancy2232d ago

Im sure there already planning it

Yi-Long2232d ago

... Sleeping Dogs was good, but very short, and it has LOTS of room for many improvements, the most important being to have the whole of Hong Kong in the game, instead of just Hong Kong island.

I'm not saying it should be 'to scale', but there are many different parts of Hong Kong which are very diverse and more interesting than HK Island.

DeadlyFire2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

On Luminous engine? Next-gen? Who says launching a new IP late in the Gen is a bad idea? :P

I know nothing about this game, but I played the demo and I was impressed. It is alot more than I expected from gameplay even at the small scale of the demo. I plan on buying it or renting it soon.

ab5olut10n2232d ago

Boss: "That's swell fellas, just swell, but the big boys upstairs have been talking and they'd just love to see you resurrect that True Crime series you were talking about. Whaddaya say, huh? TRUE CRIME!"

UFG: *gunshot*

TooTall192232d ago

That's Activision. SE wouldn't ask for that.

AusRogo2232d ago

Awesome. Sleeping Dogs is a great game, and Wei is a pretty cool character! Story was good also.

caseh2232d ago

Not before we get 3 random DLC installments, then they'll do a sequel with m0Ar DLC.

cleft52232d ago

That is the future of every game from a big publisher and it's not going to change until the gaming industry crashes. If you don't like it, then convince people not to buy all the CoD and Battlefield dlc, otherwise get use to being nickled and dimed out of all your cash. So long as Activision and EA are making millions of dollars off DLC this practice will never stop and all the other publishers will follow their example.

caseh2232d ago

There are one or two bastions of hope that remain, Sega don't really do DLC (Vanquish, Binary Domain and Yakuza spring to mind) but the irony is that I enjoyed those games so much that playing them through again was the only way to get my fix and where I probably would have welcomed some DLC.

Damned if they do and damned if they don't. :)

cleft52232d ago

I really hope they do a sequel. This was an excellent game and I would love to see how well it does with marketing dollars behind it.