Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes open world will have loading screens

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes open world will have loading screens

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima divulged the information to Eurogamer after the game's recent unveiling.Ground Zeroes will also offer a day and night cycle, something that will boost replayability, Kojima added. Players will see differences throughout the world depending on the time of day, such as changes in enemy troop patterns.


Day & Night Cycles Confirmed..

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Hellsvacancy3856d ago

Hopefully itll have a large install to help

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

lol Thought consoles gamers hated that? It's like pc gaming then.

At disagree: Correction sorry it is nothing like pc gaming then.. Pc gamers use disks and never want digital..

It was just an observation stop being such fannys & I didn't even say anything bad about ps3..

GamingManiac3856d ago

Not all console gamers are whining pussies, you know....

MysticStrummer3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Yes it's just like PC gaming, except when we put a game in for the first time we don't have to wonder if we'll need to buy an upgrade to run it.

3855d ago
MaxXAttaxX3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I don't see a problem there.



No one claimed you said anything bad about the PS3.
Most PS3 fans don't care about installs, while 360 fanboys like to talk negatively about them (forgetting that they needed to install a second disc to get all the cars in Forza 4 and good textures in Battlefield 3)

Clarence3855d ago

No at one time 360 fans complaind about the PS3 having to install games

SilentNegotiator3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Quit trying to demonize console gamers.

Don't play innocent. All you do is troll about the "GLORIOUS PC MASTERRACE" and attack consoles.

irepbtown3855d ago

Simply seeing Snake smoke a cigarette satisfied me in MGS4. At the time (08) it was absolutely amazing. The only other cigarette thing I remember was COD4 back in 07 (Captain Price in the Heli during first Ship mission) and MGS4 blew that away.

Irishguy953855d ago

Not all console gamers are whining pussies. They still moan about disk swapping though, lets just hope you don't have to install each area during a loading screen

shoddy3855d ago

Thank god we don't have to change disks.

starchild3855d ago

Neither installs nor changing discs is any big deal. I just love the hypocrisy of many fanboys on all sides.

On topic: This game looks outstanding...if we have to deal with some loading screens to get it, so be it. I would always take loading screens over having to see pop-in everywhere.

Skate-AK3855d ago

I have never had an issue installing my PS3 games. I even do optional installs if the game supports it.

BattleAxe3855d ago

"Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes open world will have loading screens"

Thanks XBOX 360 !

Gazondaily3855d ago


Oh yeah, because a mandatory install for optional content for Forza and for a texture pack on Battlefield really is just as bad as the vast majority of games on the PS3 that require mandatory installs.

Let me fix your statement for you:

"Most PS3 fanboys on N4G a desperate attempt to save face will pretend that mandatory installs are acceptable."

Mandatory installs are a joke and I would take disc swapping over that any day. The whole point of a console is that it should be plug in and play. Even updates on the PS3 take an age to download and then install whereas on the 360 they take less than 5 seconds. The amount of times my mates have come round (or vice versa) to play a game only to watch the game download an update and then install said update.....

But fanboys on here are deflecting the issue and saying that the 360 will have multiple discs. So be it. I'll gladly take that over mandatory installs any day. Let's just hope it doesn't have mandatory installs.

xAlmostPro3855d ago

The only people that hated installs were xbox 360 fanboys who used it as an insult until PS3 exclusives got so good and large that 360 games started to require multiple disks and installs.

SilentNegotiator3855d ago

"Oh yeah, because a mandatory install for optional content for Forza and for a texture pack on Battlefield really is just as bad as the vast majority of games on the PS3 that require mandatory installs"

Considering consoles are supposed to be about equal experience and Microsoft has released several Xbox models with uselessly small memory space, yes, that is absolutely worse than mandatory installs.

And I'll install a game over swapping disks every time I hit a certain threshold.

FanboyPunisher3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

On N4G they are whiney babies actually. Money was right.

Even disagreeing, means your crying in your own little way.

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Heavenly King3855d ago

Maybe the loading screens are when you enter a facility of some sorts, just like in Skyrim or Oblivion (or any other Elder Scrolls game). I would hate loading screens while running through an open area. But still, Kojima never disappoints so lets wait and see how the game turns out.

cannon88003855d ago


There's no reason to live anymore!

Seriously, it's not even a big deal. If anything it makes it even more genuine, because all mgs games were like that. And besides, when you are installing the game's different acts, there's cool stuff going on in the background to keep people entertained.

meetajhu3855d ago

Thanks to the so called power of the next gen console cough *ps3* cough *360* this game will never show its true potential and graphical capabilities. PCtillDEATH

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Blankman853856d ago

Hopefully not lengthy MGS 4 type that require sandwich making.

NastyLeftHook03856d ago

I hope it even has half the quality of the PS3 exclusive metal gear solid 4.

ape0073856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

edit: deleted for misunderstanding

Gazondaily3856d ago sad...honestly...

Loading screen's aren't all bad as long as they aren't too frequent. Loading between separate zones for example, wouldnt be too bad.

The day and night cycle could be brilliant- if AI react dynamically to you and your stealthy maneouvres.

NastyLeftHook03856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )


you mean a game from 2008? i would hope the new game looks better,and its not hard to accept at all. and ps3 fanboyism blood? did you make that statement right there because i said something positive about metal gear solid 4? a ps3 exclusive?

@ape why did you delete your comment? i thought we were having a discussion.

himdeel3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

@ape007 your comment is ridiculous. That's like saying MGS Rising GFX blows away Halo 3. New games are suppose to look better. Besides what other game has Kojima made this generation that tentonsoftube or anyone else can compare quality? MGS4 is it and it happens to be a PS3 exclusive.

This late in the console cycle it's GREAT to see new engines optimized for current consoles that can be scaled up for whatever is next.

I just wonder about these load times and if they will break up the gameplay or if they will be more akin to what we saw in MGS4, although not as lenghty.

Blankman853856d ago

4 years on and you only want it to be half as good? Why not better?

Gazondaily3856d ago

Well its not rocket science tentonsoftube, it's no secret that you are a rabid fanboy on here and its obvious the way you said it:

"I hope it even has half the quality OF THE PS3 EXCLUSIVE metal gear solid 4."

Was it really necessary to mention the fact that it was PS3 exclusive?

3855d ago
JamieL3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

@ CmonBeReal
If it was such an unbiased legitimate claim as you say, what would be the point of saying "the PS3 EXCLUSIVE" at all? I think if someone meant it how you're suggesting they would say " I hope it has half the quality of MGS4", I'd think. That’s what I would do. Then on top of that you say "omg you guys are a bunch of little whiny kids" then you go on to whine like a little girl kid about they're whining. Makes sense.

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AusRogo3856d ago

That is irrelevant now after the patch :D

Kos-Mos3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Hopefully there will be more intellectual cutscenes to remove the "shoot shoot" "get some get some" fans from this series. It's embarrasing to see all the stupid comments floating around about Metal Gear Solid's story and direction.

cannon88003855d ago

but dude, when is it a bad thing to make sandwiches. Sandwiches are the best!

StayStatic3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

What Sandwiches would you recommend for metal gear solid cut scene watching ?

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patriotZero3856d ago

They would stream from disk but these loading screen because of Multiplatform game

Godmars2903856d ago

An instal option, which is standard on the 360, would fix that. So its either that HDDs aren't standard w/360, or the disc/load speed on the PS3.

My real big question(s) are:
1) Will there be Metal Gears?
2) Will you be able to drive them?
2b) If so, will it only be during "staged" boss fight segments.

One thing I can't help but notice is that the drive towards real world graphic engines is limiting surrealism in gaming - I want my surrealism.

ape0073856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

my opinion is that it's hard to imagine a full world with MGS quality, there must be loading if u ask me, let's hope ps3\360 can run as that PC it looked NEXTGEN despite what they claim but i guess with hideo's skill, work ethics and dedication , they can do it

himdeel3856d ago

Kojima makes good games but I agree with ape I wont believe the game can look like this on a PS3/360 until I'm playing it myself. I just cannot see any game looking this good being optimized for two consoles regardless of what they are.

Godmars2903856d ago

Have to wonder if the Xbox version will be multi-disc.

abzdine3856d ago

take that as a fact, 360 version will have a LOT of discs. If not then the game is too short and not worth it.

wane3856d ago

Depends on how many pre rendered cut scenes Kojima puts into the game

2pacalypsenow3855d ago

@wane if it has pre rendered cut scenes then it wont be a true MGS game because all of them except for the psp ones have game engine cut scenes . IF they are pre rendered then the xbox 360 ruined MGS

smashman983855d ago

now ont hang me for this but by your own words you
actually mean that the psp ruined mgs

now step back for a second portable ops was great

peace walker was amazing

pre rendered cutscenes didn't ruin these games it just changed up the formula a bit

so relax my friend this game is gonna be just fine with or without pre-rendered cutscenes

Didn't you hear?

Kojima is that damn good

abzdine3855d ago

Portable Ops is the best MGS on PSP imo. There are pre rendered cut scenes on PSP because of the power and because of the storage on UMD. It takes a LOT more space to have a real time video in the game's disc.

I think he's right about real time/pre rendered cut scenes that could compromise the quality of MGS on big screen. Let's cross fingers and wish 360 will not ruin MGS like it did with FF; not only space wise but about the game itself maybe Kojima prod would like to make it more casual more accessible to others than MGS fans and the open world stuff and the stupid unrealistic helicopter are showing that already. I'm worried about this MGS tbh...

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wane3856d ago

Do you ever get tired?

Nate-Dog3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I think Kojima will have to stop his habit of leaving uncompressed audio files in games now he's making multi-platform games. It took up too much extra space on the MGS4 disc and with the low space on DVD discs it will be costly if he decides to keep doing it.

@Topic: It was inevitable, with the amount of cutscenes Metal Gear Solid games have there was always going to be loading screens, a seamless game would be extremely unlikely.

smashman983855d ago

that depends he could give the 360 gamers the option to uncompress the audio through installation

the bastards3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

@ both abzdine and Godmars290

not as many as you would think.

my money's on two discs. we can speculate on the number as a epic scale, which won't be true. holding the actual copy in your hand will change your prospective. first off too many discs would drive the production value.

It should be done in 2 (or possibly 3 depending) it's not an RPG nor has this game been announced for xbox 3 or ps4 as of yet.

GUNS N SWORDS3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

The game is being made on a very efficient, well optimized and advanced engine. I wouldn't doubt that it will fit nicely in a regular 360 display box. it should be multiple discs, but not that much.

MGS5 on the other hand, can't wait to see how that's going be on the next up coming consoles.

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TheModernKamikaze3856d ago

If it benefits I'm okay with it.
I'm disappointed I haven't been an mgs fan before Peace Walker.