Most Anticipated Games of September 2012

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''eptember is the calm before the holiday season storm. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to come however. From games with billions of guns and plenty of wub wub to games with balls, September has a decent range of big hitters seeing a release.

Our staff sat down and decided to pick out their most anticipated games of September. Bare in mind this is not a definitive list and is simply just our staff selecting one game out of a bunch. Feel free to leave your own picks in the comments below.''

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topekomsi3206d ago

Borderlands 2 and lbp vita it is for me, cannot get enough wub-wub.

TheModernKamikaze3206d ago

The irony is literally there won't be that Much dubsteb.

Gamesgbkiller3206d ago

Me too.
borderlands 2 will make me busy a lot .. even at college :)

TheModernKamikaze3206d ago

You're missing an S in Eptember the first word in the description.

mrsid5263206d ago

Am I the only one looking forward to family guy?

DivineAssault 3206d ago

Borderlands, LBP, La Mulana, DOA 5, maybe Tekken Tag 2.. What happened to warriors lair for vita? i havent seen any updates regarding that game since the E3 before the last.. But that looks to be promising if it comes this month too