Bungie Delays Spring Multiplayer Map, but Will Have Another One Ready in its Place

In Bungie's latest Weekly Update, one of the items of note was in regards to the upcoming Spring DLC lineup, specifically the "Purple Reign" multiplayer map, which has been revealed to not be ready in time.

Fortunately, the good folk at Bungie won't be leaving their Spartans high and dry, instead replacing it with another "universally adored" multiplayer map codenamed "Moonlight Sonata," which was initially behind the others in development, but seems to have picked up the pace significantly. And now, they're passing the savings on to you... or something.

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zonetrooper54323d ago

Can't wait to get this map pack for Halo 3. =D

socomnick4323d ago

Havent played Halo 3 in a while Im gonna start playing it again so bored of cod 4 its just too easy.

Balance4323d ago

i agree completely. i was thinking the same thing that last few nights. in halo 3 i had to fight to win free for all matches, in COD 4 its so easy it isn't fun anymore with any weapon. i definitly need to pick up halo 3 again. at least until frontline:fuel of war comes out.

mighty_douche4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

If you guys find CoD4 "so easy" why not play each other? Spice it up a bit pwnerers!

Bnet3434323d ago

Halo 3 ... haven't played that game in ages, I'll pass.

MakgSnake4323d ago

We need just more than Maps to play HALO 3 now. Especially after COD4.

New Weapons, or Equipments...... something MORE!!!!

i Shank u4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

theres also a ton of stuff already in the game that they dont use in multiplayer matchmaking. Like the scorpion tank, hornet, Fire Grenades, Fuel rod cannon, the Brute warthog thing, etc. youll never see any of these things when playing online : ( . a new game mode where you can pick a class (I.E. Sniper, Rocketeer, Close Combat w/shotgun, etc.) and spawn with a gun besides the AR or BR would be nice.

Killer B4323d ago

Don't rip me off by charging me $10 to download these new maps - and then not put them into rotation for they've done w/ the first map expansion. I love Halo, and play it more often then any other game - But buying the first expansion was a waste of $.

rusgreim4322d ago

There is an entire playlist for the DLC with its own ranking system. Did you not see that in the hopper menu?

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