Dark Sector on Wii "definitely possible"

Dark Sector, a gory action game which looks a bit like Gears of War and Resident Evil 4 all rolled into one, is made with Digital Extremes' own in-house game engine, Evolution. The decision by Digital Extremes to stick with its own engine for Dark Sector, originally unveiled in 2004, and not switch to the much-used Unreal Engine 3, raised eyebrows because of its close link with Epic Games. Digital Extremes co-developed the original Unreal game and subsequent Unreal Tournament games.

Speaking in an interview with, Dark Sector associate producer Dave Kudirka said that "as of right now there are no plans for a Wii or PC version" but "with the Evolution engine, those are definitely possibilities".

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DEADEND4328d ago

Why would they put this game on the Wii besides for more money, the Wii can't handle the games that are made for the PS3 and 360. They would have to make a whole another game for the Wii if they were going to bring it over, but I don't see a good reason for them to go a head and do so.

PS360WII4328d ago

Why would they put this game on the Wii besides for more money.

heh ummm kind of like how most devs/pubs put games out on systems for money ;)

OC Shock Value4328d ago

Yea they should probably just let this one slide on by.. this game probably wont be that good.. and will be even More wack on Wii.. Nothin to see here folks

masterg4328d ago

What makes you think it will not be good.
It looks awesome and fun. It looks like Uncharted/Gears/Resident in one.
In my book that's day one purchase.

AngryHippo4328d ago

....a graphics whore, then i can see your point about there not being much point porting it to the wii but i cant see any of the wii owners being about graphics as thats not what their console is about. There is definately room for more adult orientated games on the Wii. This generation of consoles, people put way too emphasis on how games look, i would rather have a solid game, with a great story and gameplay, than a game with dazzling visuals, seriously boring gameplay, and very short in length.....i can think of a few on the supposedly 'next gen' systems.

Expy4328d ago

Probably any game can be ported to the Wii........ - if they were seriously downgraded graphically.

OC Shock Value4328d ago

Thats the point.. the game will still be a short, boring, most likely "next gen" easy dificulty.. just with Wii graphics.. lets see a "next gen" action adventure that can hang with Zelda.. then we'll talk about porting.. Dark Sector is likely gonna be a 6 or 7 hour HD experience.. that can easily be ran through.. just like most other HD games like it.. Im pretty confident that when i buy Devil May Cry this weekend ill beat it in a day or 2.. Then set it aside just like Uncharted, heavenly Sword, Gears single player, and most others..

masterg4328d ago

This game will have multi-player, and it might be something new.
They have still to show us how the multi-player works in dark sector.

etownone4328d ago

an 8 hour average game is more than FINE by me, especially if it has multiplayer to give it legs.

some of us can't devote so many hours into gaming, thats why as much as I want to play Mass Effect, knowing it can take as much as 30 hours to finish it is just way too much time for me....especially since i like to play some COD4, Halo, and Gears still online every once in a while. Those three campaigns are the right balance, an average 8 hours to finish the story and great multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.