X06 Briefing: Gears of War Demo Video

Why not take a look at this awesome video shown at this years X06 of Gears of War...

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Yo Wassap5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

This is going to be one hell of a game, that video was amazing.

Ravenator5295909d ago

Can't we at least get the damn trailer on Marketplace? I want to watch it in HD!

I know that there will be no demo, but I want something to watch!

GioneBurnz5909d ago

Notice how much the AI speaks in the game? As of now, I find it a little bit over-done, but I'm sure, once I'll be playing it, it'll make the game feel more immersive. Also, the ennemies didn't seem to move too much. Is the AI supposed to be very good in this game?
Peace it.

omansteveo5909d ago

awwww 44days till emergence day

DISCIPLE1115909d ago

why cant I watch the video