Hands-On Preview: Marvel vs. Capcom Origins - Electronic Theatre

Anyone familiar with the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise will be immediately at home with Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. It’s a beat-‘em-up videogame that allows for both one-on-one and tag matches, playable both on- and offline. However, while Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is a homage to everything that has made Marvel vs. Capcom such an enduring series, this isn’t simply a port of a fourteen year old arcade videogame, this is the culmination of developer wishes and consumer demands.

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VTKC2231d ago

a word of advice to anyone who is even thinking of buying this.... MAME (I dont think its even a word but I dont know how else to put it.)

oh and it wont cost you any money what so ever unlike Capcom here trying to re selling this old retro stuff to you. Its not like they havent got enough of your cash what in the way they do things nowadays.