50 Most Shameless Video Game Console Knockoffs You Will Ever Come Across

We have 50 video game console knock-offs for you, which can easily pass as the real thing. The world is not oblvious to duplicates, but these things are not only meticulously designed but can fool anybody at a first glance. Now the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about knock-offs are Chinese good, right? But, we have an amazing collection of images here that will really stun you because of how amazing/awful they look.

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prototypeknuckles2256d ago

polystation 2
game joy
nintendo polystation
game theory

Reverent2256d ago

Gamingbolt is notorious for pulling that sh*t. I'm honestly surprised that website hasn't been banned yet.

doogiebear2255d ago

Lets all thumb down the site. Damn thing has this many hits, when it couldve been on one page? Ban.

SilentNegotiator2255d ago

"Hey look! I can steal pictures from around the internet and stretch them over 50 pages!"


Jockamo2255d ago

Um, just don't vote for it in the submissions page...

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darthv722255d ago

i wouldnt classify that as a "shameless" console knockoff. that one is quite solid and well crafted.

As for the others you mentioned, yeah I agree on those steaming piles of....

CustardTrout2256d ago

I still have my neo "DS" double games or whatever it's called. Signed by Ashens, good times.

banjadude2256d ago

I still need to see that video, lol.
Obligatory: "Sad Onion!"

Blastoise2256d ago

Looks like a funny article but Im too lazy to click through 50 separate pages

Hazmat132256d ago

if i could i would buy thes and play them, i wanna see how hard they worked on the graphics for a knockoff. its just curiosity mostly. lol

dubt722256d ago

I like the merging of the Xbox, Batman and the Riddler into one console, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.