Is Medal of Honor Warfighter the Most Realistic Shooter Ever?

Thirteen years ago, the Medal of Honor series was born with authenticity and respect for the soldier at it’s very core. Then something happened. The military ‘bro shooter’ shot to popularity and games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare took a much more Hollywood-styled approach to its gameplay. Cut back to 2012 and Danger Close want to relive the good old days with Medal of Honor Warfighter. They want to create the most authentic and realistic shooter ever.

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Hasanhastam3058d ago

If warfighter is realistic Arma flashpoint should be real war

AusRogo3058d ago

Wasn't there an argument where even Greg Goodrich stated they're going for 'authenticity' not realistic? So no, not most realistic.

FinaLXiii3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )


For example MGS games have authenticity but their not realistic because that would be boring! =D

ATi_Elite3058d ago

1. Hell NO!

2. Someone needs to be waterboarded for even proposing that STUPID question about another COD wannabe CLone.

3. Arma 2 shares an apartment with Realism and no game is closer than that.

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