EA 'sought to acquire Valve for $1 billion'

Valve company president Gabe Newell says company would 'disintegrate if acquired'

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nukeitall2230d ago

They would have turned Steam into Origin!

That would be a sad day. We really need another Steam competitor that is as good!

dedicatedtogamers2230d ago

GoG. It doesn't (yet) have as many games as steam, but the games are DRM-free, you don't have to run a client in the background, and they include all manuals. Also, it's a great site if you want to get old, archaic games running properly on your modern computer

Zeixama2230d ago

You sound like "Reapers would have turned Shepard into Husk !" Scaaary!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32230d ago

It would've sucked for Pc gamers.

BrutallyBlunt2230d ago

GoG is great, so is Desura, but they don't focus on new big titles. It would be a sad day if EA ever buys Valve.

Wenis2230d ago

Damn, a billion dollars.

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Grap2230d ago

$1 billion is very low for steam. let alone valve who has the biggest IPs in this industry

bubblebeam2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

They said recently GABE became a billionaire, worth about 1.5 billion, as he owns half of all Valve shares.

So basically 1.5 billion times two is what valve is worth, and those tight arses ofer 1Bil?
Lol, imagine how much day one DLC that is ;0

kwyjibo2230d ago

Grap, true. But EA may have made the $1B offer years ago. It's also possible that they made an approach just for the Steam side, letting Valve keep the game development.

Sashamaz2230d ago

biggest IPs? Sorry but I disagree.

ATi_Elite2230d ago

I wonder what year this 1$ Billion dollar offer was made cause Valve Makes almost a Billion dollars yearly just off of Steam the last few years.

I enjoy Valve being a Privately held company. They do not have stupid shareholders to answer to but instead they listen to their customers....THE GAMERS!

EA sucks. I just felt compelled to say that!

ritsuka6662230d ago

I love you Gabe and Valve. EA can go for hell no one cares about this stupid company.

subtenko2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

That's what a lot of people should not do; DON'T SELL OUT! Takes notes from Valve :)

Also. I hope EA looks at situations like this and see what problems they have. What if they had a change in heart? Then again what if that was their plan all along O_o maybe I'm thinking about this too

-EDIT- @ the Who wouldn't wanna own Valve comments,yea but I'm pretty sure we all know one of the reasons Gabe said no. Cause its EA for starters.. lol

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NYC_Gamer2230d ago

EA ruins every studio they touch

HammadTheBeast2230d ago

True. I can guarantee that all these Steam Summer Sales, Humble bundles, free to play games, and basically everything that makes Steam what it is would've been twisted and ruined. Hell, they would've probably put a subscription price on Steam as well.

RickHiggity2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Probably would have implemented a premium service for Team fortress 2, Counter strike, and Left 4 dead as well. And say goodbye to workshop, because god forbid EA let you have free content

tehpees32230d ago

Good decision. Bioware turned into a shell with their day 1 DLC.

CommonSense2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Criticize Gabe all you want; he's a smart businessman.

HammadTheBeast2230d ago

That's why he's worth billions. Now, with Half Life 3 on the other hand...

0pie2230d ago

is there a company around here that EA did not tried to buy recently?

bubblebeam2230d ago

Actually, they tried buying my local Fish N Chip shop. They ended up declining after they found out people who buy Chips don't like having to pay extra for salt......
True story ;)

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