Lost: PlayTM Preview - 'ridiculously awesome'

Videogame adaptations from the TV are hardly blessed with a wonderful pedigree. The fact that the developers aren't allowed to reveal any new bombshells is also of concern, after all, we're hoping for an experience somewhat more interesting from a story perspective than simply a re-hash of the first three seasons through the eyes of a new character.

Still, Ubisoft did a wonderful job on Peter Jackson's King Kong, so perhaps we should have more faith in the game's creators, especially as they're working directly with the producers to make the game an authentic Lost 'episode' (albeit somewhat longer than usual tantalising 45 minutes).

The game is due out soon, in fact, and should reach the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 at the end of the month in some regions, yet despite this, the publisher's have been remarkably quiet. Hype has been contained to a few images, a couple of interviews and a trailer or two. Why? Well, for a start, the developers probably don't want to give away too much story or indeed gameplay prior to release - an air of mystery being at the heart of what makes the TV program so compelling. Of course, critics might also say that this is a sign that the game won't live up to fans' expectations.

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Alcohog4330d ago

Surfergirl said this game was looking terrible like two weeks ago. I guess she (he) loses some credibility, eh?

ry-guy4330d ago

yeah she's been saying that since the game was announced.

i also recall her saying that Cloverfield was going to suck as well with one of her 'Lost' conclusions.

Also remember she said it played so badly that Sony out right rejected it to be on the PS3.

The more and more I hear about it the more and more I wanna play it.

mikeslemonade4329d ago

It's a known fact that a lot of these licensed games this generation are average-good games. Just because it licensed doesn't mean it's a terrible game anymore.

garypaytonglove4329d ago

I'm a huge fan of the show but I don't know if the show's producer calling the game "ridiculously awesome" is really that relevent. I think he may be just a bit biased in this case. I am praying that the gameplay is at least average so I can pick the game up because I don't know if 8 episodes are gonna hold me over this year.

Alcohog4329d ago

lol..."hold up on the funbus". Bubble for that!

mikeslemonade4329d ago

The writers of the show play video games. In fact they're pro-360 and like to rag on the PS3.

mighty_douche4329d ago

Never understood the attraction of the show, no matter how good the reviews, the source material is weak at best to me.

garypaytonglove4329d ago

Try to borrow the first season or rent the first disc. I bought the first season without any knowledge about the plot, with the exception of knowing people were on an island after a plane crash. It really seems to be meant for DVD viewing and the show's strong point is actually the characters and the character development. The story is good but can go in a lot of directions some of the time, but watching seasons straight through eliminates that problem.

Bolts4329d ago

I don't usually watch cable TV but this show totally rocks.

ChaosKnight4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Wait, PLAY says a game is amazing?! NO! *cough*Monster Madness, Lair, I-Ninja, Killer7, P.N. 03, DOAX2, Second Sight, Xyanide - 9/10*cough* (I will say Killer7 was good, but not 9 good)

mintaro4329d ago

good stuff, been waiting to get my jrpg fix

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