Konami Announces Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today confirmed speculation that Metal Gear Solid ®: the Essential Collection is currently planned for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Now Metal Gear Solid fans have the final chance to fully immerse themselves in the Metal Gear Solid universe before the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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Blankman5785d ago

haha are you kidding me 30 bucks. Hopefully they make it fully ps3 compatible. I gotta play mgs again starting with 1

ruibing5785d ago

Yeah I know, I had to pay $30 just for MGS3 Subsistence. It's available now on Amazon for preorder. Available in mid March.

Kleptic5785d ago

Yeah I may grab it too...I own MGS2, and owned MGS...but let a cousin borrow it back in like 2000, and haven't seen it since...

I never owned MGS3 in any form though, just borrowed it from a friend...

either way though...this makes 2 cheap PS2 games that I will pick up...Twisted Metal: head on; extra extreme nuclear twisted volume edition should be in stores by tomorrow hopefully...will grab that right away...

spec_ops_comm5785d ago

For someone who has yet to play MGS1&2 :)

I can't even call myself a true gamer until I complete those games. I rented and beat MGS3 - and now I'm so glad I only rented it, as this package is PERFECT for me!

I got lucky here - not only will I have played the 3 games in proper storyline order (3->1->2), I'll get em brand new for $30.

Okay, I'll shut up now :D

fusionboxer5784d ago

And played them in the right order, but I can't wait for this package cause i'll be getting all 3 in mint condition, which I thought would be impossible unless I was willing to pay some major cash.

Also i bet there will be plenty of extras on the discs for some of the more hardcore fans.

ravinash5784d ago

Wo Ho!!! Count me in!
I was thinking of picking these up to get me ready for MGS4, so this is perfect!

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Yuprules5785d ago

That's $10 a game! Awesome, I really do hope it works with the PS3, but since the MGS 1 is for the Playstation 1, it might not work. Hence the "for the Playstation 2" written in the story.

rofldings5785d ago

Why wouldn't it work? As long as you have a BC model PS3...

Homicide5785d ago

Every PS3 sku plays playstation one games.

Yuprules5785d ago (Edited 5785d ago )

True, but is it 100% working? :)

rofldings5785d ago

Yes, PS1 games are 100%

PS2 games are 99% if you have an NTSC 60/20gb and like 85% (improving) if you have an PAL 60gb or NTSC 80gb.

Kleptic5785d ago

the discs will most likely be playstation 2 format...even MGS probably, although every PS2 will play PS1 CD-Roms...so who knows...but obviously the other games will be DVD PS2 software...

is it true though that even 40gigs can play PS1 games?...I know they can play software emulated titles, like those able to be downloaded...but if you put a physical PS1 CD-Rom into the drive, it will play it?...I thought the 40gig had no legacy PS media BC at all...just those put onto the store for download...

its times like this though that I am glad I bought NTSC 60gig...shouldn't have any problems...

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INehalemEXI5785d ago

Good deal ! I got the DMC , and GTA triple packs will get this one too.

pwnsause5785d ago

great deal, although I already have them all. XD

niall775785d ago

I need a new copy of MGS1.