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"Can you believe the Wii U is almost here? It seems so surreal somehow. The Wii U Experience, now making the rounds in the U.S., has been giving press and retail employees a chance to get their grubby mitts on the system before the holiday season starts up. I was lucky enough to score an invite and brought my trusty camera along to capture every (BLUE) moment!

Nintendo pulled out all the stops on the show floor, busting out big white couches and dramatic cerulean lighting. A food bar in the back served local Dante's Inferno hot dogs, cookies, cotton candy, and berry lemonade Jones Soda (which I found a nice flourish, as Jones is based in Seattle and serves Qwest Field).", writes Destructoid.

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Carl_Shocker2228d ago

"Can you believe the Wii U is almost here?

With how little we actualy know about the console its self.....not really.