Why You Should Buy Warfighter Instead of Black Ops II

The shooter showdown this year is between Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and we tell you why one might be a better experience.

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PockyKing2324d ago

I'm buyin both. COD for MP, Warfighter for SP. Although, War Fighter's mp is looking pretty good as well, but much more excited for the campaign. Hopefully it lives up to the emotional aspects they've been pushing.

Intentions2324d ago

Prob get em both at Christmas where it would be slightly cheaper. xD

PhoenixRising372323d ago

oh man the raging that's about to ensue is going to be hilarious!

topekomsi2323d ago

I will buy both, no need to worry, I have great faith in both companys.

yodawins2320d ago

warfighter. how can you afford to buy both?