2 Suspects Arrested in PlayStation Murder

Miami-Dade County police say two suspects have been charged with killing a Miramar teen. Police say the suspects jumped 17-year-old James Felton-Maitland to steal his Sony PlayStation Portable handheld game system in December.

While trying to flee his attackers, James ran into traffic and was hit by a truck. Authorities say 19-year-old Jamila Brown and a 17-year-old Keith Lebrone Goa have been arrested on charges of second-degree felony murder and strong-arm robbery.

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Premonition4325d ago

Good for them,now they will pay the price, bunch of idiots, if you cant afford a PSP get a job, dont steal because you feel like it or cant get it any other way, im sick of these types of things going on in this world today.

AngryHippo4325d ago

....send them to prison and throw away the key. Absolute scum.

ForTheFallen4325d ago

Proud to be an American...