Microsoft Envisions Where Gaming is going, and it's Wild.

While we've all read about Microsoft's next generation Xbox 720 gaming console coming to market in 2013, a recent Microsoft patent application reveals what Microsoft envisions for gaming beyond that point.

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metroid323540d ago

Looks far fetched and will likely be copied and used as an add on for wiiu/ps4 the 2 consoles i'm owning next gen.

TheBrownBandito3539d ago

Let the race for the Holodeck begin. ;)

pompombrum3539d ago

I'd take Microsoft's visions with a grain of salt..after all they were the ones who boasted about how kinect is the future. Look how that turned out.

caseh3539d ago

The future of stock 'happy family' adverts with activities such as waving at tigers and constantly smiling at your TV even when you're picking a film.

TheBrownBandito3539d ago

I saw an interactive car showroom on the TV the other night that had integrated kinect technology apparently. Even our local McDonalds has loads of hand waving, glass tapping interactivity going on for the kids to experiment with.

It has a way to go still, but it is without doubt the future.

pompombrum3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

It might be the future for interactive things but nobody is going to be retiring their keyboard/mouse or controllers anytime in the near future.

TheBrownBandito3539d ago

I think touch and movement controls are generally accepted to be about consumption. Keyboard and mouse are generally accepted to be about production (including many gamers of course).

KMCROC543539d ago

Here's a vision from the same people who are trying to turn your room into a game environment.

if they thought this up the holodeck concept here can that far off.

IRetrouk3539d ago

Deff not gonna happen next gen, will be way to expensive, maybe the gen after

Dark_king3539d ago

Well it would be expensive at any point in time.You need a system to play the game a camera system to track the player and know the room size and angles.An then the projector that can project light in 360 degrees at a decent res.

When just a VR type headset would have a similar an better result.

dubt723539d ago

Sorry, but next gen will probably be the last gen of consoles.

Dark_king3539d ago

lol nope,it makes money so companies will continue to build systems.As long as there is money to be made there will be console's.An just so you know there is a lot of money to be made.

RickHiggity3538d ago

Well wouldnt a holodeck just be fucking fantastic? I think so.