Development Platforms a Necessity For The Next Generation?

OnlySP: Time passes, ambition grows, the need to keep up with the current standard of graphics and sound is ever-present and all of these things force development costs ever higher, to say nothing of licensing fees and all the other miscellaneous factors that affect the price of making a game in the modern era. These costs have risen exponentially since the inception of this generation with reports pegging Gran Turismo 5 at $80 million, Grand Theft Auto IV at $100 million and Modern Warfare 3 in excess of $200 million. Six years ago, we would hardly have considered it possible for a game to cost as much as a blockbuster film, but times change.

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NYC_Gamer2326d ago

Unreal will be the most used engine next gen since it's affordable and developer friendly

Walker2326d ago

Cry Engine 3 says hello :) !

NYC_Gamer2326d ago

CE3 is a good engine but it's not in the mainstream spotlight....I wished studios would sign up for CE3 dev kits and not limit themselves only to UE...

ThatKanadianKid2326d ago

I like using CryEngine 3 a lot more than UE3 when messing with little concept maps using their SDKs they release to the public. I find it much more powerful than UE3, but UE3 is a lot more streamlined than CE3.

WeskerChildReborned2326d ago

@NYC_Gamer, i agree, more people should be able to use CryEngine 3 instead of UE. Both great engines but CE3 is just amazing to me.

FarCryLover1822326d ago

CryEngine 3 though is good, but it's too expensive. Unreal is priced reasonably based on projected sales of a game. Say I wanted to make a game and I was gonna make $10,000 in profit, they'd probably charge me $500 or so to use it. Maybe 1,000. But say I wanted to use CryEngine, they'd charge me 2 million no matter what.

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Godmars2902326d ago

And people still don't realize how limiting general purpose, open-ended graphic engines are. How badly they've crippled creativity.

Heavenly King2326d ago

UE it is the mainstream engine, but most of the games that use it suck graphically.