Solution to PAL PSN delays coming 'in the next six months' Global PSN?

The Managing Director of Sony Electronic Entertainment Australia, Michael Ephraim, was asked to comment on the ridiculous delays between releases on the PAL/Australian PSN versus the US/Japanese PSN. Ephraim confirmed that the issue was the fact that all content needs to be localized for all the European languages (no change there, we've known that for months). "We're in an online space, it's a global community," he says.

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timmyp534328d ago

Yet developers would have to be on the ball with the languages and subtitles. Hopefully they can handle the pressure (if this does happen)

Kyur4ThePain4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Is it possible that this just means NTSC regions will have to wait longer for items on the PSN?

AAARGH!!! Who took away my 6th bubble? Stand up, NOW!!! LOL

chasegamez4328d ago

this is good for the playstation world

THE_JUDGE4328d ago

the delay will be almost nothing and you will be able to find almost anything in it.

prayforjoejoe4328d ago

This should have been done in the beginning. Japan already has several PS1 games I would rather play than what we here in the US have. I highly doubt this will happen and rather, I think this quote means that Michael Ephraim was referring to how the PSN will be everywhere, not a complete entity all by itself. Personally, like I saw in another article here on N4G, PSN needs to update first with something other than a simple web page, some flash or something like that would be greatly appreciated.

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