It’s September And My Game of The Year Selection Caught Me Off Guard | It has been a crazy year for games. We’ve had some controversies. We’ve had disappointments. We’ve had surprising releases that have taken the gaming world by storm. Since it is September, it can be a bit tough to remember the big releases from January to the middle of the Summer. I know for me I remember games that I’ve played during the year but I usually need to look at a list to see when that may have been. So let’s look back at 2012 so far and see the big releases

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EVILDEAD3602231d ago

Max Payne 3 will end up in alot of lists as well.

ME3 for me so far..


cemelc2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

My game of the year so far is Journey.

That game was really amazing, i guess i like it so much since im a bit tired of gaming rehashing itself so much. That game put a dent on the monotony of TPS/FPS/action games that the gaming industry just keep pumping out.

Hope it gets a lot of awards

V1ncent1Zer02227d ago

ME3 (flawed) for me, along with Dragon Dogma (surprising) and Sleeping Dogs (authentic). All very different and rewarding gaming experiences.