Right Now is the Best Time to Launch a Console

As this generation of gaming draws gently to a close (according to Wikipedia, it's the seventh generation), and it seems that right now there's quite a few new consoles being released- besides the obvious ones from bigger companies, such as the Wii U, there's also a slew of consoles that are aiming for a smaller market, such the the Ouya, Wikipad, and now the MG. Why now?

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NastyLeftHook02229d ago

i am betting next e3 we will get a ps4 reveal. and i will buy that thing day 1.

remanutd552228d ago

i'm buying ps4 day 1 too, im just hoping to see Motorstorm World Tour as launch title lol.

Freakazoid20122228d ago

It's that kind of blind loyalty that had you paying 600.00 for the PS3 and 600 or more for a limited portable... I cant really blame Sony for sticking it to their fans when they want Sony to take advantage of them and don't hold out to see what the PS4 is about before bowing down and worshiping it.

You guys remind me of an abused wife who gets beaten every week but refuses to leave because they think beaten and abused is a sign of affection.

NegativeCreep4272228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

^^^ I think he mad.

You remind me of a sensational wacko fanboy that takes offense to other people's preferences.

If he does go and buy a PS4 on day one, what the hell does that have to do with you? How does that affect you in any way?

You want to talk about being abused and neglected, and still coming back for more? One word: RROD.

remanutd552228d ago

that $599.99 machine is still kicking and going strong!!! almost 6 years of pure entertainment, at the beginning there were not that many great titles but my ps3 has given me some truly amazing entertainment times in the past 6 years, no complaints so with that quality in mind i will be buying ps4 day 1, if sony for one reason or another dont deliver on the game side then i will be thinking twice before buying ps5 (if there is ever one) but as of today ps4 is day 1 buy for me.

DivineAssault 2228d ago

if u dont like PS, YOUR the one who has blind loyalty.. Theyre the only company that continues to make 1st party core titles for all genres.. We want PS4 cuz we know what it will bring.. All the exclusives, buying gaikai, free online play, media, on top of 95% of what the competition gets are features only a fool would pass on.. A fool or a casual

Hicken2228d ago

First off, domestic abuse is no laughing matter. Generally, women stuck in those situations are psychologically trapped; they think they deserve what they're getting.

Second, the PS3 was and is well worth the money. Even when it released, if ALL you wanted it for was to be a Blu Ray player, it was $200-300 cheaper than anything else on the market. It's worth its asking price even now, and it's got even more content and capability than at launch.

Third... "600 or more for a limited portable..." What exactly does that mean? What's a "limited" portable, and what portable costs $600?

auragenz2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I don't know what country you live in, but here in the U.S. the way it works is if a wife just so happens to get looked at in a manner anything less than she deems pleasing by her husband, he may then be the one ending up getting abused by having half of his financial assets seized for starters...

rainslacker2228d ago

Your analogy fails because the PS brand has always been strong. I've never been let down by a Sony console and would not hesitate to buy the next one. The PS3 launch was pretty rocky I'll admit, but the system was a real powerhouse and offered a lot for that $600.

Your analogy would be correct only if Sony pushed out underpowered consoles with little to no long term or 3rd party support, and then we all lapped up the next underpowered console with little to no long term or 3rd party support.

A better analogy would be...We continue to put out for Sony because it just feels so good and who wouldn't want some of that.

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Whitefeather2228d ago

I don't know what the launch titles will be but I know I'll be buying two PS4s come release day, since I've decided to become a full game collector.

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NYC_Gamer2228d ago

I'll be waiting to buy new hardware since launch consoles have always gave me issues

BitbyDeath2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

That sucks, my PS3 broke on me but it was my first console too. (After about 2 years of use)

auragenz2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

1. Economic Recession - CHECK
2. Wage Stagnation - CHECK
3. Increased Unemployment - CHECK

Why wouldn't this be the best time to launch an optional entertainment product which costs about as much as many people take home in a week's paycheck?

ZoyosJD2228d ago

:( Unfortunately I'm not sure which level of sarcasm you are using, because people are stupid enough to go buy these things anyway and not get jobs...

Npugz72228d ago

Maybe where your from! Not everyone is as screwed as the states!

nofallouthero2228d ago

i just want them to release the 8th gen consoles so i can start getting great pc games again

BitbyDeath2228d ago

You should just get a console if you want good games.

nofallouthero2228d ago

nah ill just wait a year it shouldn't be too long now, then the pc wont be held back as much by 8 year old hardware, well for a couple of years anyway :)

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