Six unannounced characters found on disc files of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Players who have gotten early copies of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 may have found six unannounced characters in the disc files of the multiplatform fighting game.

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anthonyvu19852321d ago

Harada stated that his games are a chess piece and all characters need to be accessible to everyone. That's why he's not charging a DLC fee for characters such as Kunimitsu, Ancient Ogre, Michelle, and Angel.

Man-E-Faces2321d ago

I think he flip flopped because of the fiasco that Capcom had with Street Fighter X Tekken, if this was his stance all along WHY DO I NEED TO ENTER A CODE VIA PRE-ORDERING just to get these characters shouldn't they already be on the disc no code required? And Orge,Kunimitsu are apparently Gamestop exclusives as of now. I don't know about you but Day 1 characters that can be downloaded or should I say unlocked via code seems fishy to me and is only offering them up free to save face, I personally will save my money for DOA 5.

Mocat2321d ago

Holy crap i cant blieve people made a article about this, the ifnormation came from a cheesy forum thread,do not believe this people.

MaxXAttaxX2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Stop jumping to conclusions.
Harada has opposed payed character DLC for a while. This has little to do with SFxT.
Free characters for Tag 2 have been known since the game was announced.

Also LOL @ DOA5. It's whatever man. Your choice/loss IMO.

ChronoJoe2321d ago

Don't see why people would complain as if they're being ripped off. Even if these were to be sold as DLC, the game offers 50 ish characters on the disc, playable. That's more than any Tekken game ever has.

With that said I believe these are just unannounced characters, not disc-locked. I think they'll either be free DLC or simply available on release.

Tetsujin2320d ago

"Even if these were to be sold as DLC, the game offers 50 ish characters on the disc, playable. That's more than any Tekken game ever has."

Tekken Tag back in 1999 only missed Marshal Law, Dr Bosconovich and Gon; same on the PS2 version. Just because a game has 50+ characters doesn't write off its "ok" because of a big roster.

DarkBlood2321d ago

so, we gotten the word of the main man creating tekken games so far there hasnt been any dlc character routine up till this point, now its a wait and see approach

so dont fire your hater bullets at them too soon

Lucretia2321d ago

its a japanese company, ofcourse there will be hate from the morons

videoxgamexfanboy2321d ago

Idgf if they charge for dlc or not, I will be buying this game day 1! I don't understand how ppl can just complain about dlc when no one forces u to buy it. I enjoy all my games even without paid dlc.

Iceman X2321d ago

I agree, if you don't like the DLC price or what comes with it then don't buy it. I really can care less if these extra characters are on the disc or not. They are DLC which mean you can't have it unless you pay end of it. There is no difference if it was on disc or download, you people wouldn't even know if it wasn't for hacking ass kids anyway. If the DLC is the right price and i want it end of it. You just purchased game for $65 and now you're complaining about DLC that might be $5-10 more that you don't have to buy. Man people and this atitude of they owe me.... I work for a living to buy and enjoy nice things. If you're a gamer than you should know your hobbie is an exspensive one, if you don't know this they you should be playing games. Go buy comics or something els cheaper to meet your needs.

LastDance2321d ago

because it shakes the integrity and balance online among other things, regardless of whether you BUY the dlc or not.

see street fighter x tekken

Back in the day, those hidden characters were locked away and rewarded for skill. Now they are rewarded for money.

Perhaps you should try harder to 'understand'

Man-E-Faces2321d ago

I wanted to say what if you don't have internet access how are you supposed get these characters? Kind of smashes his stance that EVERYONE should have access to them.
If he was true to his word they would be unlocked via in game like beating the game with a certain character.

MaxXAttaxX2321d ago

If you don't have internet access to download the free characters, then you won't have any online gameplay balance issues in the first place.

Gran Touring2321d ago

Well, Harada and Namco stated that the DLC characters will all be unlocked for free in a few months. Harada's has already stated his disdain for DLC characters in fighting games, so we know that any dlc will more than likely be extra characterization parts.

LKHGFDSA2321d ago


Holy shit! the doctor guy!
Very exciting to see there's these new/old characters!
Though I don't like the idea of having to unlock them with my real life money.

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