A game about sex? Ban this sick filth

Steam has been banning fake games from its service, but it's also knocked back a legitimate -- if rather risque -- project. Seduce Me is an erotic strategy game "inspired by the lives of American socialites and celebrities." Ironically, the developer blames that very same American culture for the ban.

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NastyLeftHook02325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I say we advertise the hell out of it, it seems great. sex natural and yet its condemned as being disgusting.

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Treian2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

That may be true. However, that doesn't mean one has to follow that natural law. On another note, don't deny that our society glorifys sex out of proportions.

Reverent2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Are you saying you don't engage in the sexual act of reproduction? Virgin? If so, I suppose I can understand your stance in this.

Ares84HU2324d ago Show
Lucretia2324d ago

and our society doesnt glorify violence in the games, cartoons movies and shows that our children watch or play?????

i rather my kids bone someone than put a knife in someones throat.

michael schofield would be dissapointed in you

TopDudeMan2324d ago

dude, there's movies and songs about sex. I'm not saying it's right, just that you can't have double standards. That's not how law works. You draw the line and everyone has to adhere it.

Scenarist2324d ago

songs about violence and killing too
which os also natural to some degree

Kurt Russell2324d ago

Although I think blahblah346 is a ninny on this subject... Ares84HU wins the award for hyprocritical douche. *stands and applauds*

maelstromb2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Sounds like the archaic sexaphobic ramblings of a "Teabagger" to me. In other words, ignore ALL natural instincts and ONLY engage in sexual acts under the banner of marriage and for the pure sanctity of reproduction. Sorry to burst your bubble bud, but it's 2012 and those leanings don't necessarily fit within the societal construct any longer.

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TacoTaru2325d ago

Just because something is natural doesn't make it fit subject matter for a game. Taking a dump is one of the most natural things there is but I don't want a game built around that dynamic.

amaguli2325d ago

Admit it, a pooping simulator would be awesome.

Qrphe2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

If there were people willing to buy a take-a-dump game, what would it matter to you?

NO ONE would force you to buy such as game (or Seduce Me for that matter).

Hicken2325d ago

Taking a dump isn't nearly as important in social, mental, and emotional aspects as sex is. Yeah, we'll die if we don't poop, but only one person will die; without sex, we die out as a species.

If you don't understand the significance of sex outside of the biological need for procreation, I suggest you fall in love and have sex with that person.

Hell, just have sex.

Ever notice how people say "friends with benefits" doesn't last for very long before something bad happens? That's because sex isn't just physical, like taking a dump.

Mr-Dude2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

We even poop when we die... All our muscles relax when whe die

But to answer your question..
For me, pooping is also very emotional and intimate... It's not that i invite people to watch me poop...
But sex to me is very important, i would turn nuts if my girlfriend would deny me her "fruit"

Scenarist2324d ago

anything can be fit for a game if done right...

Ogygian2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

You say that now, but very soon, you're going to come across an indie title which tries to do 'going to the toilet' well, and it's going to make you rethink your comment.
Like that game where you wait for your date and get really nervous. In a true group survival simulator (zombie type for example), finding an appropriate method for sewage disposal is important, as without it, dysentery would get you before the apocalypse does. This would really add to the sense of survivalism and desperation in such games.
I'm also shocked at how little human manure actually features in medieval games. In medieval London, people used to empty their chamber pots out of their windows onto the streets.
Gaming will never achieve the blunt realism it needs until it overcomes taboo subjects like these.

AWBrawler2324d ago

lol then don't go on the appstore. if somebody makes it, somebody will play it, and we as gamers should respect other gamers opinions

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Muffins12232325d ago

Its being secretly advertised right now!OH shit,ive said to much.

Lord_Sloth2325d ago

It's supposed to be a private event involving 2 people. Condemned as being disgusting isn't the case here. It's trying to remain modest.

DragonKnight2325d ago

Sex was made to be a private event between two people by societal expectations. Sex is simply a biological act. When was the last time you saw any animal care about privacy when mating season comes around? And who cares about modesty? Witnessing sex isn't going to kill anyone, nor is participating in the act evil in any way.

And, one more pretty important thing, this is a game. Meaning the "2 people" are non-existent. I never realized gamers were such prudes.

Explain how mass violence is acceptable in games but sex shouldn't be because it's a "private event between 2 people" and modesty must be served.

Lord_Sloth2325d ago

There's a reason we call them animals. I'm not saying avoid sex all together, but there is a difference between sex and porn. Sex can be portrayed so long as it's not sex for the sake of sex alone in the game.

I feel that some games have portrayed it in a good light like Heavy Rain. Then there's games that toss it in there for the sake of doing so like Fable.

Honestly I don't care for excessive and brutal violence either, but nice try.

spicelicka2325d ago


Have you ever thought about why those societal expectations were created? If animals didn't care then why did we evolve to be so private. It's because we developed the sense of modesty. Animals don't care about privacy because they don't have the sense to acknowledge it. When was the last time you saw animals mate for others to watch?

You always see from the viewer's perspective, not the participant.

You see it's not necessrily wrong when the "2 people" don't exist, but the fact that violence is acceptable shouldn't just automatically justify it.

Kingnichendrix2324d ago

"When was the last time you saw animals mate for others to watch?"
Have you ever heard of the Bonobo monkey?
"Animals don't care about privacy because they don't have the sense to acknowledge it"
Have you ever heard of gorillas?"
Another thing Because violence is seen as ok in video games, when sex is seen as 'Sick Filth' what is that about?

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Thatguy-3102325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Idk there ain't nothing wrong about these type of games being made but they should really watch where they have these type of things available. Honestly sex has more influence on the human mind than violance does especially in kids. Let's just remember the sole purpose of gaming and find gems that define it(obviously this isn't the case). But yea the idea of these type of games isn't new so there isn't a problem is just the equivalent of a porn flick. The important thing here is just watching where they release these type of things.

Thatguy-3102325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Just like someone above me said. Sex is a natural act just like violance but when you compare human conscious with one of an animal we truly differ and know what's right from wrong. If we threw our conscious away we would be no different from animals just screwing anywhere we want. We are a greater species and that fact alone justifies why many do have moral values especially when it comes to sex. Sex has a bigger influence on the human mind than violance does. If I had to choose from both on which to support it will have to be violance because most people don't have the guts to portray what they see on games.

SilentNegotiator2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Steam doesn't want to be associated with low quality porno games! Quick! Everyone throw a principled fit!

And then let's pretend like everyone against us plays violent video games! Just like when I claim that every living creature has pirated music when I justify piracy!

ElitaStorm2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

this will change the gaming and its not a good thing!!

they are not talking about sex in video games

they want to make porn games and it is not ok

frjoethesecond2324d ago

Why not. Porn games have existed for almost as long as games have?

Mutant-Spud2324d ago

People also have sex for fun and play real life sex games in the bedroom (and elsewhere), does it have co-op so my wife and I can play it together?

2324d ago
awi59512324d ago

LOL Thats why i didnt by witcher 1 on steam they cut out all the good stuff. I didnt buy witcher 2 on steam as well i thought they would cut out all the nudity on that one as well. Witcher 2 wasnt sensored but the steam version of witcher 1 was.

FanboyPunisher2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Now I know why they made a game about this.

Because, some of the gaming community cant get none!
They cant get none! nananana They'll never get none! nanana. Never had sum. nanana. = Type of ppl who buy this.

I'll never buy a game like this; i'd have to kick my own ass.

Please go outside, talk to girls.

tokugawa2324d ago


one day you will actually get to experience it as well.... i bet you cant wait?? lol

Sheikh Yerbouti2324d ago

Cannibalism, fratricide. These are natural and considered disgusting. People throw the word natural like it normalizes some behavior because an animal does it. Sex is good, but a lot about sex is bad and disgusting. Calling something natural means nothing.

Too much of even the good kind desensitizes us to the bad. We have people with serious addictions to sex and porn. Our children are saturated with it. We treat a perversion like its a ethnic group or a TRUE genetic difference. We are becoming an oversexed society.

There is only one thing that can stem this. Marriage. Nothing kills sex like a good marriage.

Rettom2321d ago

It's disgusting to make a game out of it.

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knifefight2325d ago

Yeah, ban bad games about bad things like sex!

...Now it's back to my games about stealing cars and driving down the street killing strangers, for me!

Qrphe2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Let's make war, instead of making love!

It's no fun when everyone is enjoying themselves instead of shooting each other.

Carl_Shocker2325d ago


Time to get the Online Wet Floor sign out for this article

PockyKing2325d ago

Whatever happened to the "A" rating? Never even seen a game with that rating before. Steam should just incorporate an adults section if developers want to create something like this.

LAWSON722325d ago

Manhunt 2 I believe is a rated

Dan502325d ago

Adult games are banned from consoles/stores so they are not worth making if you're wanting to make lots of money since pretty much no one will carry them. But 18+ games are allowed in every country and soon to be Australia. Oddly enough adult games are just seen as filthy in the US and normal everywhere else.