Valve Is Testing Out These Crazy Gaming Goggles

Behold the future of video games. Or at least the future as envisioned by a bunch of gamers, programmers, tinkers and dreamers at the Valve Corporation here. This is the uncorporate company that brought us the Half-Life series, the hugely influential first-person shooter game.

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Conzul2233d ago

I don't think VR goggles will catch on. Gaming is as much about your friends watching and your showing off as it is about immersion. I guess what I should say then is: Large flatscreens aren't going anywhere.

BitbyDeath2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

It's not VR, just goggles to make the screen closer to your face.

Conzul2233d ago

No I understand, but even then it's the same: You've isolated yourself from everyone else in the room, assuming you *had* other people in the room.

Nocturne1472233d ago

U mean Screen IN DA face ? Or face IN DA screen ?

BitbyDeath2233d ago

Just correcting as VR would mean you'd have physical interaction between the game and your movements.

Kurylo3d2232d ago

Well technically it is vr in a way.. because the movements of your head the rotations will make your head turn in the game world. You may not have your hands moving around, but you can look around as though your in real life.

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ChunkyLover532233d ago

If this is their hardware, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft can relax.

Kurylo3d2233d ago

I dont know... virtual reality... being able to look around and feel like your actually there... replacing the world around you. I think that in of itself dominates teh gimmicks of kinect, move, or any nintendo crap.

A wearable computer that puts u in virtual reality... hand helds can kiss my butt. So can tablets if they made that a reality.

ChunkyLover532233d ago

Goggles aren't mass marketable. Parents wont want something like this for their kids, older people wont want to wear them either, it would face the same issues as 3-D, people don't like to wear things on their face to play games.

Kurylo3d2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

And what statistic did you read this from? Are you only saying this from your own point of view? Dont speak for the world. Because I would want to wear something. People wear hats and glasses every day. Somehow I doubt this would be a problem if they wanted to immerse themselves in a world... because quite frankly whats the point of all these graphics upgrades if being truely immersed isnt the end goal. I like the idea of turning my head to look around and getting rid of a stupid joystick. And I for one will buy this day 1 on any console it comes with.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

MEH.. This is not something that millions will buy. If no steam box then just bring HL3 and stop screwing around..

Kurylo3d2232d ago

How do u figure? Love how people just assume their opinions are facts.