In Memoriam: The 4 Gaming Shows That Were Worth Watching on G4

From PSS:

If you hadn’t heard, word has come down now (thanks to Variety) that G4 the station for geeks and gamers is being re-branded. In other words, the channel that used to be for gamers (but slowly hasn’t been) is no more. In light of its passing, we’re taking a look at the best shows G4 once aired specifically for gamers.

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RockmanII72232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Wasn't to big into Cheat, but I did enjoy the other three shows. I also really liked Judgement Day just because X-play while good was only one reviewer so having a second opinion on things was really nice. For me G4 descent into mediocrity became apparent in 2006 when Sarah Lane left AOTS, which it seems was also around when Arena and Icons ended.

Reibooi2231d ago

Judgement Day was really the only review show I cared about for a few reasons. One is what you said about it being 2 guys so the different opinions was always great. Another was they very rarely seemed to express fanboyish tendencies like X-play seemed to.

That said Icons was the only show I really thought was 100% worth watching(and I'm talking about the original not the stupid reboot that focused on people outside of gaming) They were genuinely interesting and it seemed like those working on the show really cared about making the great names in the industry known to the gamers who otherwise might now know who they were.

GenericNameHere2232d ago

There was one show on G4 I used to like. The one where it was all about showing previews of upcoming games, and sometimes info about the developers of classic games. Does anyone know what it was called? I want to watch that again...

darklordzor2232d ago

I loved Cinematech and getting to see all the videos. Before I had the internet it was the easiest way for me to see upcoming game trailers.

Dark_king2232d ago

G4 needs a new name anyway.It is no longer a station for gamers,its a station that sometimes plays shows gamers will watch.Wish they would stop with all the ninja warriors for hours on end also.

darklordzor2232d ago

Well, it sounds like they are getting a new name with the Rebranding.

darklordzor2231d ago

I do still wish Code Monkey's would make a return in some form. I miss that show.