Vagrant Story Retrospective

This sense of martial calculation is hardcoded into Vagrant Story's divisive, intricate combat system, which freezes the game before every strike, allowing you to pick out the specific part of the enemy's body you wish Ashley to target, or to swap your weapon for one more tailored to their type. It requires a different mode of thinking, an altered rhythm of thought. In video games we are used to picking the most powerful sword and, when we find a better one, discarding the former. Here, weapons are tools, not linear statistical upgrades, and you must pick the right tool for the right job.

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TifaLockheart2231d ago

This is an interesting read.

Qrphe2231d ago

It's amazing how much effort was put into this game. People should go try this game out on ePSXe on hi-rez and see how detailed the textures were as an example even though the game already proves itself in its dungeon design, gameplay and story.

belac092231d ago

this game is one of my favorite ps one games, the golden age indeed.

Relientk772231d ago

What a fantastic RPG by Squaresoft, I miss Squaresoft

Magic_Spatula2230d ago

Bought this game 3 times (when it was released, a copy when I had a PS2, and on PSN for my PSP.) One of my favorite RPGs of all time. Too bad it's underrated and underperformed. Wish that it would have sold more to at least warrant a sequel.

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