Animated Invizimals Television Series Appearing Next Year

Push Square: "Sony’s augmented reality franchise Invizimals is unbelievably popular in parts of continental Europe. As such, it’s not exactly surprising to learn that the platform holder is launching an animated television series based on the Pokémon-inspired franchise."

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dragonyght2230d ago

Yeah agree. I think it will be more successful now if the series come to vita. Past series success were cripple by the fact that you to by extra peripheral or a bring new system to play them. Im hopping its gets its own vita release

RmanX10002230d ago

Oh yeah... This game existed...

jujubee882230d ago

Only in your imagination.


Jadedz2230d ago

If the series is successful - it can become a money earning franchise, like Nintendo's pokemon IP (I'm not stating that it will happen, just stating that Sony played their cards right with this move).

raiden-492230d ago

or be like viva pinata and fail