Helping or hurting? Xbox 720's delay impact on the Wii U and Playstation 4

Xbox 720's potential delay could impact more companies and gamers than you know. Check out what effects the delay could have on the Wii U, Playstation 4 and yes, even the Xbox 720.

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OneAboveAll2228d ago

Who cares if it impacts Nintendo or Sony? They are the competition...

EVILDEAD3602228d ago

First off it was nothing but rumors and conjecture that the 720 was coming next holiday in the first place… Just like it’s a rumor now that it won’t be coming because of the chip.

In any case it does nothing but help MS and the verdict is out on what impact it have on the other two companies.

Although, the Wii-U may have its own success, MS set-up the 360 to still have a huge holiday. Third party is not going anywhere. NOBODY is running away from install bases headed towards 70 million anytime soon.

Couple that with the fact, that next year is going to be filled with huge hitters like GTA V and the current systems will still dominate.

This will lead into E3 where MS will show off the 720 and announce it for the following year.

Nintendo can gain ground but let’s face it when you are talking a Fall/ holiday that will include Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare 4 vs. Bungie’s new shooter coupled with the promise of a new system the following holiday it remains to be seen if the 360 loses any ground next year as well.

Developers will have an entire extra year to work on their next gen debuts and the 720 will have more adopters who are hardcore gamers on Xbox Live in the transition.

Releasing last gen at the same time as the PS3 wiuld have been suicide, but releasing near the PS4 won't hurt the 720 at all.


Chaostar2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Nobody is attacking the 360 or MS here there's no need to jump to their defense. We all know this generations consoles still have some life left in them and should continue to sell and be supported well after the next gen launch.

I clicked disagree on your comment because, it seems to me, you're trying to make out like a hypothetical delay of 720 would have absolutely no negative impact on MS at all. I believe, considering the massive advantage a head start has afforded MS this gen, that whoever gets onto the market first will reap the same benefits, given a big enough time-frame. After all, people always include 360s year head start sales when squabbling over figures, so wouldn't a hypothetical head start for PS4 give the Sony crowd that same ammunition?

It may not seem like much to you but the perception of success can do wonders to sway not only fans but also the consideration of third party studios.

My point is that a delay would have negative connotations to ANY console particularly if their competitors have already made it to market.

I do agree with your point about the extra time developers will have to polish games, although this was also mentioned in the article.

EVILDEAD3602228d ago

@ Chaostar,

Show me one place where I say the 360 or MS is under attack. The article is called is about the 720s perceived delay and whether it helps or hurts the other big two.

But when I give an opinion that differs from an article it's 'jumping to their offense'. You have a different opinion and proclaim yours, so whose defense are you jumping to?

Once again this was all about a rumored delay to a rumored release date.

'After all, people always include 360s year head start sales when squabbling over figures, so wouldn't a hypothetical head start for PS4 give the Sony crowd that same ammunition?' this is about ammunition? First, there is a HUGE difference between last gen and this gen. If you read I specifically mention that going head-to-head again Sony SEVEN years ago would have been suicide.

They jumped in earlier than Sony because the literally had to.

This time Sony clearly isnt in the position at the moment to launch the PS4 next holiday. The new model relaunch makes sense, but the PS4 isnt coming.

The reason the Wii-U is a missed opportunity is for one reason. Ninteno did NOT make the current gen obsolete at all.

They havent hurt the 360s biggest strengths which is Xbox Live, The HUGE first & 3rd party franchises, and Kinect.

Install bases do play a factor late in the gen which is why the original Xbox never could penetrate the PS3 stronghold on 3rd party franchises.

If you read, I said the Wii-U will have success, but it still won't effect the success of the 360, nor hurt the launch of the 720.

Once again, the 360 is still set up for a huge holiday THIS year. Next year, there a HUGE blockbusters coming for the current gen that again speaks to the lack of need for MS to pull the trigger on the 720.

Then once, E3 rolls around they simply show off the 720 just like Nintendo did with the Wii last year and ride it out till the following Fall/Holiday season.

Again, this gives MS and developers time to really hit it out of the park at launch, The article pretends that devs will be sitting on their thumbs because they would have expected to release their games next holiday.

I specifically say, that there is room for ALL consoles to do well. But, the climate of the the gaming world is far different than it was 7-8 years ago.


AngelicIceDiamond2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

So your gonna right about An unannounced next gen console getting delayed? and impacting one other unannounced console? Oook

I hate when people take rumors seriously.

taquito2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

both ps4 and 720 delay are hurting the console gaming sector, down 20% year over year so far, steady decline

people are moving to the freedom of pc, better control options, way better online, WAY better prices, WAY WAY WAY better graphics and sweet sweet mods!

DwightOwen2228d ago

What's this "720" everyone keeps going on about? Is that an accessory to the KinectBox that Microsoft will release next Christmas?

steve30x2228d ago

How could Xbox 720 be delayed when it doesnt even have a release date?

PopRocks3592228d ago

This is in response to a recent rumor that the 720 is facing issues with its hardware (possibly modified Gamecube tech) and that Microsoft is outsourcing it to three different factories to try and fix the problem. This is apparently causing the 'delay.'

Of course it's all rumor. So this post here is all just speculation pretending to be factual.

steve30x2227d ago

Typical N4G. People disagree with the truth.

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