DPAD Lost Odyssey Preview

In recent months, the Xbox 360 has seen its share of great games, most of which were related to one of the consoles greatest strengths, the first-person shooter genre - with a lot of help from Xbox Live. However, the same is true for the rise in the role-playing game as the console has made available many fantastic options for fans of the genre to delve into immersive worlds and rich storylines. The Microsoft console has not been known to have strong ties with RPG's, however, with the upcoming release of Lost Odyssey and previous releases, it looks as though Microsoft wants to reverse this stereotype.

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kewlkat0074324d ago

since Halo 3. This game will be next. Seems like this is your true-traditional RPG with random battles, which I actually enjoy. Everybody seems to be on-point with what they like and dislike about this game. It will get similar scores all over the board.