Assassin’s Creed III: Fighting for Freedom

Ubisoft has stated that this is the biggest game in the series yet and all are eager to see the impact the half-Native American, half-English Connor will have on history.

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Nimblest-Assassin2230d ago

Im more excited for all the gameplay improvements Ac3 is bringing to the franchise...

Hopefully Connor shines as a character, and is not overshadowed by Ezio and Altair

omi25p2230d ago

Fight for freedom?
I thought you were fighting Templar.
Not fighting the British to "free" the colonists.

Still good job ubisoft said he was neutral because other wise id think he was just a "freedom" fighter for the colonists (Sarcasm)

Alos882230d ago

I hope the ending is good, I don't want this to be a letdown like Mass Effect 3's ending.

mafiahajeri2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

What the heck does this have to do with Mass effect? If they were the same devs I would understand but heck they arent event the same publisher! Its like saying "I hope the ending is good, I dont want it to be a letdown like Little big planets ending"

I dont know why people go into a game worried about the ending heck enjoy the game and take it step by step. Your not going to enjoy it worrying about the ending.

@Omi25p they have to advertise it or Americans wouldnt buy it. They can dish it out but cant take it. You know what would be funny if they advertised it differently in the UK being with the English xD

insanejournalism2230d ago

You know someone brought up a good point on here in another article. What if all of this fighting for American freedom crap is just the Templars' fooling Connor?

I mean its worth a moment to think about. It's also true that it could just be Connor killing a bunch of redcoats because Britain is evil and that's it for the story. Either way we need to actually play the whole game to the end to find out what the endgame is here.

NastyLeftHook02230d ago

im sure connor will be great in assassins creed 3

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