Conflict: Denied Ops - Pivotal Interview

Kikizo writes:

"The Conflict series has always enjoyed moderate critical acclaim and success since its inception in 2002, with a quick skim through GameRankings revealing sixty to high seventies in percentage terms throughout the first four games. Now, with a new FPS perspective, next-gen technology and the comfortably recognisable Eidos logo on the box, is Conflict: Denied Ops going to boost the series into AAA territory?"

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LJWooly4330d ago

After having played the demo, I can answer the question "Is Conflict: Denied Ops going to boost the series into AAA territory?" With a resounding "NO".

King20084330d ago

I actually played through it yesterday...lets just say i deleted it right after...its terrible. Character models look...ancient to say the least. Please no one waste your time.

Graphics by ATi4330d ago

Conflict Games have always been and will always be, nothing but mediocrity.


AliC4330d ago

Having played the latest game demo, I can safely say this game is no where near AAA territory.

LevDog4329d ago

OMG this game was complete trash.. Last Gen looks with some sprinkles and Horrible Controls.. In the Age Of Resistance and COD4.. You better have EYE popping Graphics and or Something that other FPS dont have.. Conflict was a waste of devs money and time.. Most important it was a waste of my time downloading and playing 5 min of it..