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EuroGamer Sweden: "The latest entry in Namco's Tales of-series to reach the Western markets feels suitably old-school. It's eerily reminiscent of the best JRPGs the PlayStation 2 had to offer, and delivers a nostalgic experience to when role-playing games were more than flashy graphics and interactive cut-scenes. With a high focus on quick, tactical combat, interesting characters and a well-told (but slightly predictable) story, Tales of Graces F is a solid experience. It's the game every PlayStation 3 owner was waiting for at the generational switch from PlayStation 2."

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Inception2324d ago

I don't understand the disagree for u'r comment. Tales of Graces f IS amazing. I spend 40-50 hours for this game, and i'm glad Namdai localize Graces f. Btw, can't wait for Tales of Xillia ^^

NewMonday2324d ago

i think i logged in 70+ hours without a minute of boredom

Relientk772323d ago

I have almost 60 hours in the game I think

Ben_Grimm2324d ago

Will have to get this soon.

2324d ago
DivineAssault 2324d ago

Its good so far to me.. U can tell its a port from an inferior version but a port done right.. The 1st 10hrs sucked tho.. about 25 hrs into it now & the combat is solid along with the HD visuals being on par with vesperia is impressive.. In some ways its better..

NewMonday2324d ago

play on the hard setting after a number of battles you will unlock a harder difficulty and after another number of battles on the harder mode you will unlock an even harder difficulty.

the harder settings are faster paced and give you much much more rewards with experience and rare items, it's where all the fun is at

it's actually easy once you know the enemies you fight, you need to get as high combos as you can, and just tone the setting down if you go to a new high level area or fighting tough bosses.

another tip, keep switching badges and use different attacks to unlock new badges.

keep refining your equipment, my refined gear was always much better than new gear at shops.

the cooking will help keep the MP/HP up so you can go on fighting

DivineAssault 2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

i have been doing all that except change of difficulty.. Some of those bosses can kill u if u dont dodge at the right times.. Im trying to defeat Hubert now & he keeps kicking my a$$.. maybe im supposed to move on & come back to fight him later.. If he gets a full combo on me, i die.. I can almost kill him but he manages to move with me as i try to parry & gets in a long chain of attacks that renders healing useless