Can Metal Gear Solid make me Feel Good again?

Suck My Trend - Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is coming soon, and in this opinion piece I’d like to examine whether or not Metal Gear Solid can bring back that feeling of happiness I once got playing the previous titles.

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TheMasterShake2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

to be honest i'm honestly just really burnt out from playing as snake all the time. i just want to play a "Actual" Kojima Productions made Metal Gear game with a different protagonist or antagonist. i was so excited to see kojima's team was making MGS Rising. it was like a nice breath of fresh air to the series. i was highly disappointed when they handed it over to that overrated crap developer platnium games. i commend shinji for starting his own company instead of staying with them. best decision he made for his career.

Summons752235d ago

lol overrated crap developer? You must be getting confused with Ninja Theory because Platinum games puts out quality games. KP did the right thing by admitting they couldn't make the game they wanted and ASKED Platinum for help. If you saying it's a bad game because of them you clearly have not paid attention to anything about it. KP still wrote and is in charge of the script, there will still be an option to do stealthy things and the gameplay when done correctly will be fast paced and intense. Unlike some other developer with a huge ego problem who can't make any game to save there life, decided that a franchise with a solid foundation needed a reboot and made everything about it terrible, slow and clunky.

TheMasterShake2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Platnium puts out shit the same way ninja theory does. i find it that they are the two most overrated devs this gen. i would have rather Metal Gear Solid: Rising was put on hold till next gen so kojima productions would have had the capable hardware to make their vision come to life instead of letting platinum turn it into that revengeance crap. take it how you want i honestly don't care i speak my mind on how i feel and i'm not going to follow the trend of giving developers praise when they don't deserve it.

doogiebear2235d ago

Goodbye, you won't be missed

ptqs2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

@themastershake what a clown u are, you haven't played it so therefore have no clue how it plays...typical snap judgement on a title, your ignorance is blatant and yet you commend platinum games founder....that sir is hypocrisy at its finest. If ever there was a need for the culling of the human race you sir are that reason. Here endeth the rant Good day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blacktric2234d ago

>talks about piece of crap developers
>has Resident Evil 6 picture as his profile cover


Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2234d ago

2days forcast a slight chnce of lost in bubs and a 90% chance of disagrees .

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Whitefeather2235d ago

MGS hasn't made me feel bad at all, all the games have been quality including Portable Ops and Peace Walker. Solid Snake is my favorite and Big Boss is the original and I'm happy to play him.

Omar912235d ago

I have no problem playig as snake or big boss. Im kind of confused when the guy says " I'd like to examine whether or not metal gear solid can bring back that feeling of happiness i once got playing the previous titles" every single title that Ive played were quality quality quality. nothing was half assed which is why I am not worried about the next installment

Baka-akaB2235d ago

As usual some bored blogger tries to make us feel that his lack of motivation to play a game or a serie , doesnt stem 100% from him .

smallz2235d ago

I agree with you. Why should we care how he feels?

goldwyncq2234d ago

I prefer the "secret mission" feel of the first 3 games compared to the heavily militaristic feel of MGS4 and the psp games. Hope they could capture that feeling back.