Revolutionary real-time lighting solution, anyone?

Geometrics has released the first public demo of their Enlighten technology, or what they call "revolutionary real-time lighting solution for next-generation consoles and PC." The video shows the latest version of Enlighter, last seen in public at last years Game Developers Conference.

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Radiomorph4322d ago

Great! Now let the others know.

ionace4322d ago

Wow thats pretty sweet

Graphics by ATi4322d ago

I've seen this tech before....I came away quite impressed.

I especially like how this engine handles indirect lighting.

prayforjoejoe4322d ago

Pretty damn amazing. As a 3D animator, I find this technology definitely a step in the right direction for realistic lighting. Not only is this an amazing example of real time lighting, its a beautiful example of how technology is evolving. As someone that is familiar with V-Ray, Mental Ray and other types of HDRI and Global Illumination its amazing to see this realistic lighting in real time. God I wish I was going to GDC this year...I knew I should have got tickets or volunteered when I had the chance...

Scenarist4322d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.... as a user of 3dsmax with vray and mental ray... this is huge... hopefully there are no big time trade offs for using this like the actual quality of the renderer in a real world example with more poly's in the scene ...what about glass caustics etc etc etc.

Id love to play with that toy

JOLLY14322d ago

I have been working on a lot of water projects recently. So when I was watching this i was wondering about Caustics also. Right now though I am mostly worried about Max 2008 and 64 bit Vista, we are fighting at the moment.

JOLLY14322d ago

how did I get a disagree?

Leathersoup4322d ago

Wasn't this one of the features that was displayed in the Crysis video?

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