War Of The Roses – Tips And Tricks For The Battlefield

While there are many players on the War of the Roses beta not everyone knows a few minor features which can make a big difference, when it comes to the battlefield. So if you want to find out a few tips to improve your chances, read on.

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easto1a2325d ago

man that visor thing has been bugging me for ages THANKS!

CaptainCamper2325d ago

This is one of the most nerd rage inducing games that I've ever played :D

ATi_Elite2325d ago

I didn't even know the Beta had started! So how is it so far?

CaptainCamper2325d ago

Hmm, I was disappointed myself. It's pretty much spawn/die/spawn/die. The game needs an awful lot of work and a lot of game modes if they hope to hit mainstream.

easto1a2325d ago

It does need fixing and more modes eg battle mode from CRPG of mount n blade but when u get on a low lag server it's pretty dam fun!