Rumor: New PS3 Model coming end of September

According to a user at NeoGAF, the rumored new PS3 Model (CECH-4000) will be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show with a launch on end of September along with a FIFA 13 Bundle.

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sinncross2232d ago

I don't know... bundling PES would make a whole lot more sense for the Japanese market, but I guess EA is involved.

Persistantthug2232d ago

At least it's not that false rumored 16GB PS3.....that would have been dumb.

gaffyh2232d ago

Can someone explain why people are taking this guys comments (piteru) as truth? Like, did he correctly predict something in the past or what.

Also, kinda obvious that new PS3 model is likely to be shown at TGS.

kma2k2231d ago

the 16gb ps3 would be one of the smartest things sony has done in a while, just because you dont understsand something dosetnt make it dumb!

blumatt2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

There's a lot of people complaining about this new model coming on the heels of the PS4's release but the same thing happened with the last PS2 model back in the day. It released maybe a year or two before the PS3 released.

Sony knows how to support their previous console a long time after the new one releases. The PS2 is STILL selling brand new and GameStop is JUST NOW phasing them out of their stores. So the PS2 is still selling 6 years after the PS3 came out. THAT is a testament to Sony's support and of course the fact that the PS2 was a juggernaut in its day.

The PS3 has no signs of slowing down in regard to the quality titles that are coming out for it. The Last of Us, Rain, that new game from Quantic Dream, etc. will keep the PS3 going for a LONG time into the PS4's launch and beyond.

Sony won't make the se mistakes with the PS4. Look at the Vita. The PS4 will have a good price ($399 or so) and will be easy to develop for. The features will be there and there will be a slew of great launch titles.
----------------------------- --------------

A 16gb PS3 sku for around $150 would be an amazing value for consumers and people would buy it up like crazy. That would be the perfect Netflix/streaming machine for grandparents or for anyone's living room.
----------------------------- --------------

Why the disagree? Explain please.

MmaFan-Qc2231d ago

Persistantthug:"At least it's not that false rumored 16GB PS3.....that would have been dumb"

wat?, you cant be serious.

blumatt2231d ago

I guess the disagree system is indicative of people who can't think of a good reason as to why they disagree. LoL

I think they should make you reply to the person why you're disagreeing if you click the disagree button.

Everything I wrote was level-headed and based on truth.

Persistantthug2231d ago

But the main reason, is the fact that most games in the PS3's library require downloads.

One of the other reasons is the fact that it limits what people can download from PS3/PSN's store. There are free 2 Play games that couldn't even be downloaded.

A 16GB unit is not conclusive to good business.

You'll never see this whimsical 16GB unit. I said this BEFORE gamescom, and I'm saying it now.

rainslacker2231d ago

16GB is plenty of space for the casual user. I have a 60GB launch system with over 60 games and the updates for all those games was less than 20 GB's including some videos I downloaded from PSN.

It wasn't until I got PS+ earlier this year that I upgraded the hard drive. Also downloading game updates isn't mandatory unless you want to play online, and even then 16GB's should be enough for most people.

andrewsqual2231d ago

@blumatt That doesn't really mean anything about Gamestop. Was it not only in February of this year the Gamestop stopped trading Gamecube and Original Xbox games, the latter of which died on the 360s arrival in 2005?
I think the main point you should be making about the PS2 still being strong is that this time last week in Japan, the PS2 STILL managed to outsell 360 sales for that week. Nothing more is needed to be said.



The problem in your logic is that you assume such a PS3 would be limited to 16GB, but all we know from the Anatel leak is that the only difference between the presented models were HDD capacity, it was never said that this one version can't be upgraded.

Also no one ever confirmed the 16GB was flash memory... In fact, the report indicates they are all the same but data storage capacity. Are you assuming they are all flash memory? Because if the 250GB one have a HDD, the report leads us to believe they all have a HDD, and HDDs are always possible to switch, even if Sony don't support it (MS don't support and it's still possible to mod the HDD to a bigger one and apparently they won't even ban you for it).

And although we can't say for sure right now, all PS3 current and old models supported HDD upgrade, there nothing pointing to such a feature being removed. So is much more logical to assume you can buy the 16GB version and just upgrade/add a bigger HDD as you need.

nukeitall2231d ago


"Sony knows how to support their previous console a long time after the new one releases... THAT is a testament to Sony's support and of course the fact that the PS2 was a juggernaut in its day."

You mean like how Sony supported all those PSP Go owners? They barely got support even when the product was in sale in the store! I feel bad for those customers that got royally screwed, and now that Vita is released, they got completely cut off.

So yeah, the lesson isn't Sony will suport their previous game system. It is *any* company will support their product as long as it sells!!!

Don't get confused, because the PS2 is so successful.

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nerdkiller2231d ago

99$ ps3 that would be cool

TCG_Returns2232d ago

Model or bundle? i'm not sure what the guy means.
500Gb is pretty nice tho.

core_52232d ago

both ... new Model and Bundle as well ...

GribbleGrunger2232d ago

If it's true then we'll find out at TGS

TheKayle2232d ago

bah...wii u coming xbox 720 one year ahead and...and sony put out another model of ps3.....i think theres someone inside sony payed from other companies that do this shi**y marketing

fei-hung2232d ago

Or maybe you dont know business as well as you think you do.

Cheaper PS3's ready for holiday season along with wonderbook, LBK, Dust514 and lots more is a good thing. It means many new potential customers and possibly more software sales.

You also forget about transaction period between this and next gen. No one knows when this year WiiU will be released, when the 720 will be rekeased especially with growing rumours on delays and rise of PS3 sales with the cheaper model in territories outside the big 3. Think about the amount of units Sony shifted towards the end of the PS2 era and into the current gen!

GribbleGrunger2232d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Absolutely. It seems inherent in consumer thinking that an end must be established before a new beginning. In business, that would be suicide. If you have established a product, and that product has not reached saturation point (an ever growing number simply because of population growth), then the very last thing you want to do is move ALL resources into a new product that sells at a loss.

This is why Sony have always had the ten year strategy with consoles. They are willing to take a loss only if their older products can make up some of that loss. It still baffles me why people struggle to get their heads around this simple truth.

What's more, the reason those older products are aimed at a younger demographic later in their lifecycle is because the newer product will then have a bigger 'pre-branded' userbase to entice over later on. This creates a perpetual gamer audience that migrates over to every console you release. This is also why most new consoles concentrate on more adult content 'early' in it's lifecycle. It's a simple matter of realising that those youngsters that were attracted to the older console later in it's lifecycle will eventually mature and seek out mature content on the newer product.

It's the perfect business model

Razmossis2231d ago

I still laugh at people thinking next gen is coming so soon.
I could almost guarantee both Sony & MS will wait until the WiiU buzz has died out before releasing new consoles

ToZanarkand862231d ago

I dont think there'll be that much of a wii u buzz really...

Cant see it doin that great TBH

Knight_Crawler2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I love how people on N4G are trying to down play the Wii U...reminds me of the Wii before it was released when the 360 and PS3 fans were laughing at Nintendo and said that Nintendo was doomed.

@Fei - "Cheaper PS3's ready for holiday season along with wonderbook" Lets say Sony does Bundle the new PS3 model with the Wonder Book for say $300 and the Nintendo Wii U is priced at $350 which one do you think the casual consumer will choose?

@Gribble Ginger - "This is why Sony have always had the ten year strategy with consoles. They are willing to take a loss only if their older products can make up some of that loss" You are forgetting that Sony is not the power house in gaming that they once were with the PS1 and PS2 - they have been reporting losses for the last 3 years and both Moody and Standards and Poors have downgraded Sony as a Company so maybe they need to change the past and current startegy that they are following because times have changed and the gaming market is not voting with brand loyalty but with which one is cheaper.

@Razmouse - "I still laugh at people thinking next gen is coming so soon.
I could almost guarantee both Sony & MS will wait until the WiiU buzz has died out before releasing new consoles" Yeah like how you people waited 5 years for the Wii buzz to die down...but..but..but it just a fad.

@Tozandland - "I dont think there'll be that much of a wii u buzz really...
Cant see it doin that great TBH"
So your are baseing the Wii U buzz on what people are saying on sites like N4G,IGN,Games Trailer? You do realize that casual soccer moms do not have the time to post that they will be buying little timmy a Wii U for xmas on gaming websites or have the time to attend E3.

Everyone saying that next gen is not needed any time soon or trying to down play the Wii U will be eating crow pie when they see MS and Sony rushing to get the PS4 and 720 out the door before the Wii U eats all the cake - also do not be surprised to see MS and Sony have some sort of tablet controller for there next consoles just how they saw Ninty making money on the Wii Mote and later release Move and Kinect.

Jazz41082231d ago

Sony will never bring aboard the casuals as the archetecture of the machine is based on a computer. Way to many installs and firmware updates and then you have the harddrive issue and the xmb not being easy for the casuals to use. There is also no killer product like kinect to get the casuals excited. I do see some harry potter fans maybe buying wonderbook but as a whole sony is in trouble and will never have anymore then the hardcore because of the crippling installs. When sonys games can play direct from a disc with no other bs to go along with it like the ps2 and the 360 then they may have a chance plus its a little late in this gen now to care.

Azmatik2231d ago

@jazz4108- you do realize sony just bought one of the biggest streaming game networks ever lol how about no disc no install click stream and its on ur tv.... Anyways moving on. Sony has a great market plan and you know what theyre not doing as bad as MS with theyre billions lost in defective units lol if anything sony playstation is in the best position to dominate once again Wii has been selling very few and releasing a wiiu IMO will cripple them in about 2 years and bam heres a ps4 to own everything. MS is made of money and can prety much take any loss but so can Sony in the future all i can see is Xbox and Playstation to be honest and eventually Xbox will be crippled without blu-ray or will have to turn to full 20gb game installs on the HDD Xbox is prety much screwed unless Sony sells them blu-ray rights for around 50 billion? Lol use common knowledge Sony has ALWAYS dominated and created the newest technology dont even question it. Vhs,cd,dvd,blu-ray you name it sony created it why you think theyve always been the last to survive and it IS gonna happen again.

Azmatik2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Do you not realize sony just bought one of the biggest streaming companys ever meaning no game installs at all. All i gota say is Sony is the leading developer of technology and they have the rights to prety much every data format out there VHS,cd,dvd,blu-ray you name it. Every game company is screwed without a disk format like blu-ray in the future why you think Sony always ends up top in the end. Also if anything im prety sure Sony is at the most comfortable seat amongst the 3 financially dont remember MS loosing billions over thousands upon thousands defective units? And Nintendo is actually doing good but all the game companys lose money kinda sad to say you create games you lose money that the way the game industry is now prety much so dont judge on how much of a loss the company posts if you do your foolish and dont realize that outa all 3 sony has sooooo many products and unless they sell the rights of blu-ray to another game company for what about 70billion every other console is doomed

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TheKayle2231d ago

guys...just look around who never did this? ms? nintendo? ..and theres a reason

doogiebear2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

You fail, Kayle

ToZanarkand862231d ago

Erm... How many models of the DS and game boys were released?
You smell like fanboy bullshit

Freakazoid20122231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

It's funny too because the different version of the DS are often brought up as reasons it sucks but Sony fans seem to forget all the PSP models and PS3 models... Funny how it is only an issue when some company they don't support does it. With Sony they talk about how they cant wait to buy the exact same console as the one they already own only now it's in a different case.

As for the article
Why would I spend money on outdated tech when I get next gen tech instead. I want the best console out there not the worst tech wise. PS3 is a gen behind. It's the 8th generation of consoles not the 7th. Call me Sony when you start using current tech not something that was new 8 years ago

Azmatik2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Lol do you guys not get his point that Sony makes enough money to push out multiple slim versions of their consoles. And i dont think hes saying other companys models are bad at all just sony is rlly the only company that makes slim versions and it works i think its great that they make slim versions. Why wouldnt i want a ps3 the size of a pencil case? Also the DS just got bigger not sexier and slimer dont think that counts the newer xbox looks way better then the older you gona disagree with me on that too lol. @freakazoid2012 lmaooo so i guess ps3 games dont blow other console games outa the water hahaha ur funny also KZ3 even compared to some of the highest PC games in terms of tech. Go watch the last of us gameplay premiere and be amazed! Best AI ive ever saw and if that isnt tech i guess i dont know tech. Wana talk about tech does ur xbox even have blutooth lmao can you use external HDDs? Watch blurays? Download movies from the web browser? Lmao

rainslacker2231d ago

Nintendo released redesigns of both the NES and SNES back in the day and sold them as an inexpensive alternative to their more expensive hardware to continue support until the new console gained market share.

Sony offered slim versions of both the PS1 and PS2 when the new consoles were a year or two from release and offered them as an inexpensive alternative to their more expensive hardware to continue support until the new console gained market share.

Microsoft did not release a redesigned Xbox and dropped support for it before their new console had market share. However this was due to Nvidia not making the GPU anymore thus ended new Xbox production.

The pattern has been established, however, and it's always worked for consoles that have a sizeable market share(ie. NES, SNES, PS1, PS2). It will likely work for the PS3 as well.

I also wouldn't be surprised if MS offers a "slim" version of the 360 sometime in the near future.

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abzdine2232d ago

it will be revealed at TGS hopefully. I need a PS3 more !!
Hope it has a good design and they put the electric bloc out.