What Did I Just Watch? Why I'm Mesmerized by the Super Hexagon Trailer

Rant Gaming's B.A. Campbell can't stop watching the Super Hexagon trailer, even after the game's been released. Find out why it just might be the most perfect video game trailer ever created.

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Snookies122235d ago

Sigh... Why can't this be for PC too? I loved VVVVVV, and this looks really awesome too. Albeit in a different way sure, but it's by the same dude.

GribbleGrunger2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

What you just saw there my friend was annoying as hell, but because it feeds into the 'cool' of LSD wannabes, you decided it was actually good. Go spoke something and relax in the sun.

mamotte2235d ago

All hail to the hypnohexagon!!!!