Bottom 10 Most Underrated Games of All Time

WC - Some games just plain suck. Everybody knows they suck. But others, well others just get a bad reputation. In a community built on reputations, it’s hard for those games to bounce back and earn the fame and fortune they really deserve.

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Angels37852325d ago

I always love seeing freedom fighters on any list, but every time I hear about it I also cry a little bit inside, because it was such a great game! It should have had more attention for the quality of game that it was. What makes me even more sad is that we may never see a sequel or a remake or revamp or anything! Hell I'd take just an HD version!

showtimefolks2325d ago

i wouldn't say never or ever because its EA i think we may see a HD remake on psn/xblive than if that does well hopefully a sequel

Freak of Nature2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Yup, I agree Freedom fighters deserved far better...A real shame...

Another that should be on most underated games lists has to be...

***Oddworld's... "Strangers wrath" *** ...

acemonkey2325d ago

The Saboteur i enjoy that game it should be on that list Enslaved also

BakedGoods2325d ago

Wow, kudos to the author of this article--they get it. Best gaming top ten list I've seen in a while; an honest, experienced piece on ten 'actually' underrated games.

prototypeknuckles2325d ago

WTF is with the way this websie shows top 10's

r212325d ago

I guess its easier to write top 10 lists instead of an actual article :L

mafiahajeri2325d ago

Can't believe I remembered the name of freedom fighters by looking at the avatar wow I remember playing offline mp with my brother where you would get bots to play with you and you had to capture flags on top of these barricade type things. I don't know how well it would transition onto this gen but I would love an he remake.

I miss last gen games...

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The story is too old to be commented.