Fall Games You Must Play

The Fall is upon us and the hardcore gaming season is right around the corner. There are a ton of new releases coming out, so much so that not everyone will be able to play through them all. At the same time, many already have a clear idea of which games they will be purchasing leading into the holiday winter season. So while those of you who are eagerly waiting for the hardcore season triple A titles to come out, here are some games that will satisfy your appetite till then. Check out our full list of games that everyone should check out this fall. Tis the season of gaming, and there's plenty of games to go around for everyone.

While not in any specific order, each one of these games will make anyone's fall special. All of the games have release windows from the months of September to October, any other games releasing afterwards are more towards the winter season. There is a nice mixture of games that will fit anyone's taste in gaming. Check out our full rundown.

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omi25p2328d ago

For me its

Halo 4
Resident Evil 6
Borderlands 2
Hitman Absolution
Hitman HD Trilogy

rbailey2328d ago

Man I completely forgot about Hitman Absolution. My wallet will be empty by the time December rolls around lol.

guitarded772328d ago

For me it's:

Forza Horizon
Ragnarok Odyssey
Super Mario U
Zombie U
Far Cry 3
LBP Vita
New Little King's Story
BlOps 2
Killzone HD

I didn't even know about the Hitman Trilogy... I'll be getting that for sure. It's gonna get expensive. Along with the first part of next year, I'm gonna have to work some overtime.

Nimblest-Assassin2328d ago

Lol your going to be broke

Mine are

Borderlands 2

Got to limit since Im in Uni

TruthSeeker2328d ago

Borderlands2 and AC3 are all I need !

Mutant-Spud2328d ago

Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 on 360 and Endless Space on PC for me.

TheRealSpy2327d ago

i have both of those pre-ordered and paid for (borderlands for PC though...just built a new beast comp). and last night, just for the heck of it, i got guild wars 2. so much fun.

i hate to say it, but i think dishonored and AC3 are going to have to wait til next year. though i might still get liberation for vita so i can actually play the thing. :-P

Irishguy952327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Far Cry 3

Borderlands 2 - Just got the first on PS+ if I like it i'll get 2.
PS All stars - Depending on how other Smash bros fans like it(compared to SB)
RE6 - Re4 was brilliant and RE5 was alright, i'll just wait and see how this one turns out.

If I get a WiiU then it depends on whats out, if I get a Vita it also depends on what's out.

BattleAxe2327d ago

Borderlands 2 is all I need this Fall, and in December I'll be getting Far Cry 3.

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NastyLeftHook02328d ago

assassins creed 3 (ps3 version +ihr)

rbailey2328d ago

This is a GREAT list. I'm personally hoping DISHONORED does extremely well.

Bioshock: Infinite was originally supposed to come out next month before getting delayed until 2013. Dishonored will definitely benefit from this more then anyone else.

Also Assassin's Creed III and Resident Evil 6 both look fun as well.

Relientk772328d ago

Can't wait for

Borderlands 2
Assassin's Creed III

and I am keeping Dishonored on my radar for sure

guitarded772328d ago

After seeing the episode of GTTV where they showed Dishonored, that game went really high on my list. It looks pretty awesome, and adds some really original gameplay elements.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2327d ago

Dude same here dishonored looks like its going to be up there with the big boys , and not to metion AC3 and Borderlands 2

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