Rumour: Nintendo Land May Not be Bundled With Wii U

"Displayed for pre-order by Australian retailer
With just five days until Nintendo's expected to lift the lid on Wii U launch plans, some retailers are starting to accept deposits for the system and advertise its arrival later in the year. Specific details are missing, of course, but one major store in Australia — JB Hi-Fi — is listing Nintendo Land as a pre-order, potentially indicating that it won't be packed in with the system.", wirtes NintendoLife.

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LOL_WUT2326d ago

Not bundled and with a price of $99? Good luck trying to sell this game Nintendo.

Freakazoid20122326d ago

OMG..ROFLMAO.. How retarded are you really?
Nintendo Land for Nintendo Wii U

by Nintendo of America

Release Date 12/31/2012
Eligible for [email protected] More info.
Billing does not occur until shipment is processed.
Pre-order low price guarantee. More info.
Worry Free Guarantee - Pricing and release dates are estimates subject to change.

Now you being a complete idiot I am sure it will be beyond your ability to comprehend but that last sentence makes it pretty clear to anyone but a complete idiot that the price is an ESTIMATE subject to change. I probably need to post the definition of estimate so you know what it means but I have a feeling that I to make it very simple for you to comprehend. Sadly I havent owned crayons in over 30 years so the ability to explain it on your level is beyond me

-Mika-2326d ago

What Is your problem? You don't have to be a jerk and Insult him like that. You clearly have anger issues. Lie why are you getting so mad and offended by his little comment. It really pathetic. Lastly for your sake. I really do hope you own crayons because if you this old and still acting like this. Then It just really sad.

PopRocks3592326d ago


So you criticize someone for being insulting by... being insulting?

Carl_Shocker2326d ago

No offense Freakazoid but you do have anger issues, you throw insults around way too often. You can never make a mature, well written argument when you reply to someones comment.

Phil322326d ago

And that is why I didn't respond to any of your points last night. All you do is insult people who don't agree with your slanted Nintendo fanboy opinion, or anyone who dares express even the smallest amount of concern for the direction Nintendo is going. I don't argue with fanboys because their heads are inserted so far up their favorite company's anus that they will defend anything and do so feverishly.

So there you are. That's why I don't take you seriously, didn't respond to your argument in a previous story, and think you're yet another awful commenter on this site. Oh, and thanks for the 12 year old insults. Really showing why Nintendo fanboys have a persecution complex; because most of them are like you are incredibly obnoxious and get hated on because of it.

Makes me ashamed to even love Nintendo. I don't like dealing with their awful fans.

ChickeyCantor2325d ago

"What Is your problem? You don't have to be a jerk and Insult him like that. "

Am I the only one who finds this hilariously ironic?

ozzywazzy2325d ago

this idiot needs a perma-ban.

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AusRogo2326d ago

You obviously haven't been to Australia, games here can cost up to 100$ lol

Axonometri2326d ago

I remember at E3 this year thinking to myself how shocked I was when they said it was Not going to be a bundled software with the Wii U. This is still the same... they never said it was going to be distributed with the console.

This is very similar to when so many people thought the Wii U was just a touch pad gaming device. Hello? Is anyone awake?

Carl_Shocker2326d ago

Shame, not a game I would pay to buy separately but then again for the people who dont find the game interesting least your not paying for something extra when you buy the Wii U

Phil322326d ago

For a comment that isn't responding to a zealot, could this rumor have anything to do with the multiple SKUs also being rumored? Perhaps one of the SKUs is with Nintendo Land while another is without? That's sort of why rumors regarding the Wii U bore me because there's so many. I'll just wait till Thursday to find out. :)

Qrphe2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

This shouldn't even be a retail game. Nintendo Land should be the PS Home of the Wii U and be free for the system.

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The story is too old to be commented.