Sony believes that 'console-quality' marketing will succeed for PS Vita where it failed for PSP

One of the biggest selling points for PlayStation Portable was, according to Sony, the ability to play console-quality games on-the-go. In essence, having a PSP was like taking your PS2 with you - more gaming goodness, more connectivity, and most of the hardware necessary to deliver graphics on par with the PS2.

Unfortunately, PSP history shows an alarming number of rushed ports. Third-party developers leveraged the PSP's power with unique experiences less and dumped slightly-worse versions of console games on it more. It's a notable low point in the PSP's lifecycle, so it's strange that Sony has more-or-less adopted the same strategy for marketing PlayStation Vita - it's a console-quality piece of hardware that you can take anywhere.

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WeskerChildReborned2234d ago

I'm hoping developers will take full advantage of the Vita's capabilities to make some high quality games.

Also a survival horror for Vita would be sweet.

topekomsi2234d ago

Agreed, if the devs take the time to love the vita, we will see some amazing stuff, But if the hacks crack it open to the world of piracy, i fear devs may taake the psp road. I have already had some wonderful gaming experiences on vita, just finished gravity rush, not my type of game normally, but this sucker grabbed me and didn't let go. Samething happened lastnight, i started (firsst time ever) shaddows of the colossus on remote play. Cannot wait to play Gow collection this way. WOW. JUST PLAIN WOW.

Phayz2233d ago

Survival horror on the vita would be awesome! The only thing that comes remotely close is Silent Hill: BoM...or one of the Resident evils or silent hills when they come out in the US (ps1's)

colonel1792234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I don't like the model where developers are making the same game on the Vita. It's great for the purpose of having cross-play and getting the PS Vita version for free when buying PS3's, but looking closely, those are wasted resources for a different game which could be better and therefore have more variety for the Vita.

I wish Sony would understand that they need unique games for Vita. The only one out right now is Gravity Rush. This is the best example of having a AAA game for the Vita, which could even been expanded with a sequel or a PS3 version (or PS4) later on.

Just like how they think about IPs for the PS3 and we get The Last of Us, Beyond, Uncharted, etc they should focus on getting IPs for the Vita with the same caliber and potential and stop thinking about cross play. After all there is remote play,

I think that they are making a much better job with PSN games. They have been the most innovative of all 3 Sony platforms. Games like Journey, Papo & Yo, etc are much better than most of Vita games. They also need to get third party on board with QUALITY games, and try to have original developers do their franchices. (Unlike COD Black Ops)

zebramocha2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

You are looking at it in the wrong way,the vita is flexible in that it could bridge the gap between console,mobile,with the benefit to have a third type of experience offered by the vita because of buttons and specific hardware which will allow things not achievable with a console or mobile device.

colonel1792234d ago

I get that. I am saying that they should use all that you just mentioned with unique, original IPs for the PS Vita. Like I said, it's good to have a game to be able to play on both consoles, but it would be much better to have unique experiences only for the Vita like Gravity Rush.

I am just saying that all the resources that they use to port a PS3 game to the VIta, should be used to create more innovative games. After all there's Remote Play which you could use to Play your PS3 game with your Vita.

GribbleGrunger2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

If only Sony could snap their fingers to produce AAA titles... that would be a wonderful world. But I digress, back to reality. What was you saying about support again?

Ju2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I don't understand this "we need more Vita specific games" argument. There are plenty and they don't help selling the console.

I want games I play on the console and take with me when I leave the house. Even if I am not online. Remote play is a nice feature, but not good enough. GoW looks awesome but. It isn't smooth. I want simultaneous console and Vita releases. I get it. The Vita is like another console. And how many can u support as a developer.

I agree we need a little bit better focus on vita version. UC shows what's possible, Resistance not so much.

One more thing. HD remastered should include a native Vita version. I hope they roll this into that SDK to allow them to simply build a version for Vita. It's powerfully enough and should work just fine. At lesst for downloadabel versions. They could have a "fat" binary which runs on PS3 and Vita and you buy only once.

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DivineAssault 2234d ago

This is what ive been saying since the thing launched.. Use its capabilities for unique NEW titles.. They seem to be on track now tho.. Theres alot of games coming

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