Medal of Honor: Warfighter Hands-On Preview | Bring A Buddy [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks good. I mean it really looks good. The scalable nature of Frostbite 2 is so on-song that it's retina-meltingly good. Of course, this is on PC, the folks at Danger Close want to show their game off in the best possible light, so the monster rigs are out in force.

The Medal of Honor reboot from 2010 was about two things: authenticity and identification. A real conflict, a current conflict, in terms of the Afghan setting, married to a level of research in depths few studios reach. Interestingly, it was the quieter moments from that game that rang truest. The thought-gathering sections before the gunshots and the death, seemingly outnumbered and with the slimmest chance in hell of victory. But of course that was the point: extraordinary missions for extraordinary soldiers.

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insanejournalism2229d ago

I've always been a fan of the Medal of Honor games. As long as this single-player campaign is as good as the 2010 reboot then I'm getting it. For me multiplayer in Medal of Honor games is just extra and never the main course.