PAX Prime Preview: The Wii U is Crippling ZombiU |

It hurts to say it, but the upcoming Wii U seems to be crippling what should be a spectacular addition to a well-worn genre. See the specific reasons why with this PAX Prime preview of ZombiU.


As a blanket response to the majority of commenters, I made a video to better explain my issues:

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dotwithshoes2231d ago

It's funny, as if popping up the contents of the chest on the screen where you have ZERO ability to see what else is on the screen is much better. Yup! An opinion is an opinion but still a one sided one.

walterwhite2231d ago

ZombiU's built around the gamepad,it wouldn't be the same game without it. Seems to me like a majority of complaints about the pad just require a period of adjustment from the average controller.

ChickeyCantor2231d ago

"My one death, for instance, was the result of looting a chest, a task that can only be done by using the touchscreen. While my eyes wandered, though, an evil creature that I must have missed on my initial sweep of the room snagged me from behind, took a bite, and that was that."

That's the whole point. It's like people don't want to understand the concept of this game.

Theyellowflash302231d ago

The author says he didn't lose cause of his skill, but actually he did. He states on his initial sweep he didn't catch the enemy or missed it then was bitten when he had to look down and loot a chest on the screen. Well the game is meant to be realistic, you need to make sure your safe in a room before you loot anything. That was his lack of survivor knowledge and skill that did him in. I like the fact you have to look down and can possibly be attacked when solving a puzzle or looting. It builds tension and really ramps up the difficulty for the hardcore gamers.

TheMrFraz2230d ago

An interesting point, and I've updated this post with a video responding to the comments here.

Freakazoid20122231d ago

What we have here is a casual gamer who wants to blame his lack of skill on the hardware. Hardcore games are not for everyone.

Sidar and Theyellowflassh30 are both correct IMO.

TheMrFraz2230d ago

I updated this post with a video expanding on my issues in a direct response to the things you bring up.

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