Study – 63% of women polled report being harassed while gaming online

A survey conducted by Emily Matthew over on the Pricecharting blog, found that 80% of 874 respondents polled believe sexism is rampant in the gaming community, and 35% have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment while playing online.

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TCG_Returns2232d ago

"Some women admitted to having used their gender as a way to acquire items, attention or favors. "

And there lies the problem.While only 10% have admitted to doing that, we all know, that number is in the high 50's percentage-wise.

If these attention whores can't stand all the attention, then don't choose a name like HawtCandy_GamerGurl69 or the likes of.

For those quiet gamer girls who don't seek 15 minutes of fame, and just want to play the game, yeah, it does suck for them.But that is why the block/mute/ignore/vote to kick functions are there for.

And to all the guys who participated in this polling, wow.Man the fuck up.Seriously.

Someone online called you a fag or a bitch and you quit the game, run to some online poll and cry how your feelings were hurt? Shameful.

Pushagree2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Regardless, the numbers for harassment and verbal abuse (mostly on Live, not as much on PSN) for any person is still very troubling and is the main reason that I keep away from online game altogether unless i'm playing with people I know personally. Anonymity is really the reason for this since people know that thier actions can't be tracked online. I think to combat this, the next gen will require you to put in more personal information to be seen by the public, that way anything that really gets out of hand (racial slurs, death threats, sending of X rated pics) can be reported to the proper authorities. That should test who really has the stones to do this or not.

gamernova2231d ago

That's actually a bad idea. I like being anonymous. The damn internet wants more and more of our personal information every day and I think that enough is enough.

Baka-akaB2231d ago

Bad idea , there is plenty harassement via true id already on social networks .

if anything the victims wont be able to hide , and legal action takes time or is usually worthless .

Pushagree2231d ago

People like being anonymous because they can abuse that privlage in the ways that you see now. Anonymity is good for the internet, but not for video games. I am not saying to take away the anonymity on the internet, just in video game networks.

rainslacker2231d ago

That would be an extremely bad idea. It's not too much of a stretch to think that someone could feel empowered by their anonymity and take their harassment from the online space to the real world. It would cause more problems than it's worth.

A better thing to do would be to hold harassers accountable for their actions. Just like in real life if you harass someone...say at a will probably get fired. If you can report these people and the company running the service can verify harassment, then ban them from using the service. A few early rounds of this would stop the large-scale harassment pretty quick. The only reason this likely won't happen is that these services are run for profit, and ultimately these idiots that enjoy being childish do make too much money to ban en force.

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Blastoise2231d ago

I wear my Dark Souls hatemail like a badge of honour

Pushagree2231d ago

You're so cool. I wish I were you.

OooSheeet2231d ago

Why do you get so much hate mail?

Blastoise2231d ago


I'm a darkwraith, invade a lot and screw up a lot of peoples days :3

wallis2231d ago

I think it's besides the point - yeah some women attract it but that doesn't condone misogyny or the sexist attitude. If a girl walked up to me and fluttered her eye lids and asked for a hundred bucks in returns for some affection that doesn't give me the right to sexually harass her.

You shouldn't have to ignore or mute someone having a go at you. I've sat there and had it done to me before over race and country and it is not fucking nice to have done. I don't want that crap dragged into my video game and I don't want any of that "get back to the kitchen" crap either. Most of this dreadful behaviour stems from sexual inexperience anyway which makes it all the more pathetic. These messages and abusive contacts are rarely mature or adult manifestations of chauvinism - at least that would be spelt correctly and have some semblance of thought behind it. But let's be honest - most of the boys who throw this crap around are just that, boys. I don't have time for them and I would LOVE to see permanent xbox live and steam bans for sexist comments that can be verified.

I'd be ruthless. Trash talk is well and good - I was driving the other day and got given the finger by a pensioner. Shit happens - but any self respecting institution can NOT condone this behaviour in any regard what so ever. Schools, governments, not even virtual markets have any room for sexism, racism or homophobia. They are illegal - no matter how much of an arse... sorry, different thinker, you might be. We all have the legal right to go about our business without being harrassed about things like that.

PooEgg2231d ago

I agree wallis. It isn't just about sexist comments, it is about decency.

Whenever I come upon a person who acts like an idiot online, I just figure they do it because in real life they are pitiful, and weak. I doubt that most of these guy have even kissed a girl, because no sane female would touch them.

Or perhaps they are simply mean and ugly inside, and they think acting like an ass is normal behavior, because that is how they were treated the last time they were in prison. It is just too bad it makes all of us gamers look bad.

rainslacker2231d ago

While banning would probably solve part of the problem, I don't really see it happening. These services do run to make money, and I think these companies don't see the potential social gaming has if you get rid of the bad seeds.

On top of that I think the ability to actually moderate it would be horrendous. They'd have to set up guidelines to differentiate between trash talking and harassment because I think a lot of the times people can't tell the difference. It's usually not that hard to see outright harassment, however it's not unheard of to have trash talking be taken as abuse when it had no malicious intent. On top of that some people are more sensitive than others, and these same trash talkers may not take that into account and saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could get you banned.

I really don't see a way to do this on a big enough scale to see any discernible effect. On more localized cases I'm unaware of any top-rate service that allows harassment of it's members. But reporting and showing proof of harassment is up to the one being harassed.

While it is a shame, widespread decency towards women in the workplace didn't really start until companies and the courts started holding people accountable for their actions and words. Even then it didn't start until the companies realized they could lose money through lawsuits.

Respect towards others was something my parents ingrained in me from a very young age, and when I was old enough to understand these issues I couldn't even fathom why they would be issues. It wasn't until I got out my first job that I saw how bad it could get. While I think it's a shame that we need to police people to do the right thing, it's sadly the only proven method.

telekineticmantis2231d ago

that is the same thing I've been saying. I could say the same thing, about the way women, carry themselves on the streets.

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ThatDamnGeordie2232d ago

Ive been in many an ingame lobby men asking for a friend request or trying to get a girls facebook, dont get me wrong ive played/okay with girls on xbox every now and then but i dont badger them to be honest its more me who gets the friend request. some guys out there you'd think never left the house or had an actual in person sexual experience with a women.

r1sh122231d ago

LOL so true.
Im sure that many of the males who act like that probably have the same self esteem issues the females might do, or they just havent tried enough in the real world since most of their time is taken up by gaming.

The problem with gaming online is because of its anonymity it makes it easier to make false things up about yourself, so a girl with a GT/PSN ID hotgirl89 or something is likely to draw more attention to herself based on that fact alone, some people are curious "Is she really hot" etc...
OR the complete opposite happens, when they girl gets called FAT etc.
Its not likely to change any time soon, but the general trend is the younger gamers care about it more, lets face it most teenage boys are not thinking with their brains.
Its probably a similar story for girls

Bazger2231d ago

And 100 % of all men have been harassed in online gaming, i doubt gender is the issue, sure they might use gender to add salt to the wounds, but im pretty sure all men have been called gay or noob in online gaming

OooSheeet2231d ago

I think you're missing the point in several ways; firstly I rarely get any abuse as I play the game as it's supposed to be played, so if your called gay or a noob, you probably deserved it. Secondly female payers are often sought out by retards for "special treatment", I've witnessed it several times and it's sickening. It's naive of you to believe that gender isn't an issue.

ziggurcat2231d ago

i'd be curious to find how which system had the higher percentage of these incidents.

i'm not trolling here, but i'm guessing it's the X360.

MysticStrummer2231d ago

Only 63%? I would have expected at the very least 75%, and wouldn't be surprised if the number was above 90%. Anytime I hear a female voice online I expect someone to hit on her, call her names, or tell her to go make them a sandwich.

That type of person is anonymous and brave, especially when they're in a game with friends. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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