RANT | How "Mature Games" Are Usually Anything But These Days

Dealspwn writes: I want to talk about three buzzwords today, and I'll have to ask for your indulgence as I get slightly angry about the semantics of marketing doublespeak and the damage it's doing to our industry. So many of the press releases we get these days, usually pertaining to shooters or hack and slash titles, come bearing emphatic statements supposedly to do with quality. But a trend has arisen wherein, perhaps in attempt to move away from the somewhat childish connotations associated with the word "game", titles bearing 18-certificates now have to come with a blurb that spells things out. Just in case you weren't aware, folks, these are "mature" games, with "dark" subject matter, told in a "gritty" way.

This is all bollocks, of course, because nine times out of ten, what this actually means (and this is a direct translation) is "We've filled this game with guns, violence, and maybe some boobs, you'll shoot a lot of people in the face, and everyone will speak in a gravely voice and act like The World is at stake."

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ShaunCameron2230d ago

These days? M-rated games were never really mature to begin with. Its content and/or the way it's presented seemed designed to appeal to teenagers and fratboys. It figures when the 15-29 demographic is the target for many developers, publishers, retailers and console-manufacturers.

I blame Mortal Kombat for this. It set a negative precedent.

ZoyosJD2230d ago

You shouldn't dare group anyone with those those you consider immature by age alone.

Some of those "kids" have better demanor and determination than you could ever imagine.

This additude has upset me ever since I was young, rather than showing the harsh realities we only get these perfect realities locked behind an age barrier where no one really pays the consequences for thier actions.

GillHarrison2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

This is more of an article on the aesthetics of "Mature" games than it is on the actual narrative in the games he criticizes.

Also criticizes games with blatant boobs/violence and then calls CD Projekt (The Witcher/2) one of the few companies that doesn't do so.

spartanlemur2230d ago

True mature games are those which aren't afraid to tackle absolutely anything, and don't beat around the bush when it comes to mature topics.
Blunt, existentialist themes which don't care about offending people, but do so only through brutal honesty would be truly special.
Developers who decide on an 18+ label before they get started, just so they know from the get-go that they have near-unlimited freedom in how they present their game. Obviously certain topics legally have to be avoided, but everything else present in arthouse movies should be present in mature, arthouse games.

gamer78042230d ago

M for Mature doesn't signify how mature someone behaves or acts, its relating to the age only. Ratings used to actually have an age on them, i'm not sure why that changed.