Even Square Enix Admits The PlayStation Era Was The ‘Golden Age’

Jason Schreier:

Seen at Square Enix's Final Fantasy party at PAX last week: these posters, complete with game names, dates, and monikers describing each era of the iconic RPG series.

As you can see, even Square Enix has some strong notions about when they got things right. (Although Final Fantasy VI should clearly be part of the Golden Age too.)

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Relientk772233d ago

Well its true, that and Final Fantasy X on PS2

Final Fantasy VI - X are the best

Ranma12233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

This is what the timeline should have been:

tdogg060519912233d ago

You should add FF XIII the lightning saga to that last one.

BattleAxe2233d ago

Socom on the PS2 was the golden era of gaming, I'm not sure what the small minority of you are talking about.....including Square Enix.

Ragnaarock2233d ago

I feel like "Great Depression" would be a more appropriate moniker as it follows the theme of a time period.

SnotyTheRocket2233d ago

HEY, FFXIv is turning out rally good actually. I'm a current player, and it's very fun.

NeXXXuS2233d ago

That image will forever live on my computer.

SilentNegotiator2233d ago


SQUARE's golden age.

miyamoto2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

LoL although I love FF VI Imust admit PlayStation made gaming legit and mainstream and along with it JRPGs became mainstream too. Japan as always were caught off guard.

Cab drivers i knew were playing FF8 and Legend of Dragoon.

DDR was all over the place too. Motion Gaming at its best.

Oh glory days.

Question is:
Why can't Sony re-create the PS1 & PS2 phenomenon with a grand slam?

because everyone seems hell bent to stop that from happening...

Tr10wn2233d ago


You are the only player in it right?

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BinaryMind2233d ago

One could easily argue the Golden Age was actually FFI-XII.

blumatt2233d ago

My favorite was FF 8 by far. Just my opinion.

Snookies122233d ago

FFVIII was indeed great, not sure what people's beef with it is... I used to not like it when it first came out, since it was a lot different than what I'd seen before in FF games. No treasures, cars, sort of futuristic, Squall with his inner monologue. Though after going back through a few times it really grew on me and it certainly holds a place with VI-X in terms of greatness.

AsimLeonheart2233d ago

My favourite as well. It was the first Final Fantasy that I played. Check my name. :-)

Welshy2233d ago

If it wasn't for games like MGS4 and the original Dead Space etc, this gen would've been a write-off tbh, nor do i like the look of the future.

pack on PS1 and PS2, if your game was broken, people just didn't buy it so there used to be incentive to get things right first time over.

Now with Day1 patches, online passes, season passes, stupid amounts of DLC that would've been on disc and part of the game on PS2 etc

Too many bad, anti-consumer, money grabbing tactics these days and so much less actual FUN. Next time i watch an expo to yet another dull FPS or cover shooter jumping on the boredom wagon to snore town, i might just smash my face off my desk til i pass out.

Gimme the Crash, MGS1-2, Tekken, Burnout etc days back ='(

TheFallenAngel2233d ago

God of War 3 did it for me. That's the best game this gen. Also Resistance: Fall of Man introduced me to online and FPS games. I think this gen is one of the best. But I do miss the old PS2 and PS1 games. They were a bunch of different genres coming out. Not just FPS after FPS.

MRMagoo1232233d ago

I know what you mean but there have been a few games worth while this gen at least but def the PS1 and PS2 eras were by far the best.

A-Glorious-Dawn2233d ago

I agree, the simpleness of gaming has gone and given way to a plethora of commercial tactics..

But looking past that, there have been some true gems for me this gen; Uncharted series, Demons/Dark souls, Mirrors Edge, LBP,
Fallout 3 and others. There have been some incredible games out, I'm glad to be a gamer in this exciting time...

GTRrocker6662232d ago

Give me a break... nostalgia much?

Have you went back and played some of those old games? This gen is the best. If those are the only two games that you thought were groundbreaking this gen you need to play more games or go back and play some of those old games ...

I dont even need to list all the amazing games this gen...

fossilfern2232d ago

I agree though to be fair this generation started off well until they just took a sudden U-turn and have shafted us for the past 4 years! I have been increasingly frustrated with this generation and due to their tactics I have gone back to get games on the Snes, N64, Mega Drive, etc that I missed out on or never got round to finish and have been having ALOT of fun.

Now the developers are interested in what sells and that is shooters or just dumbed down games to make it more "Accessible". This is why I like CDProjekt Red, free DLC, a PROPER mature game, fantastic gameplay and story telling. These guys brought me right back to the old days of PC RPGs and I loved every second of Witcher 1 and 2.

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gintoki7772233d ago

I'm going to hurt Square-enix

showtimefolks2233d ago

well if sony plans ahead right and launch ps4 with a great launch price and great software support than PS era can be all over again. I think people don't realize just how expensive ps3 was at launch compare to now yet it was still selling well. Now imagine ps3 launch price $299 or $349 and where would sony be sitting right now?

sony as a company became very arrogant so it was a wake up call when ps3 didn't succeed early on. And since than thyey have become one of the best gaming companies IMO, just look at all the new IP's and exclusives along with the fact they are about to release 2 huge Ip's towards the end of this gen

they have always taken more risks look at ICO,SOTC to heavy rain and now beyond 2 souls. While games like Ratchet and clank don't sell millions at a time yet sony still supports it for its core fans.

I will always have a special place for sony just like NES has a special place in my heart from nintendo.

One thing we all agree on is competition never hurts so sony needed a wake up call and look at Vita launch price to launch software sony has learned a lot and i think they will have a much better launch for ps4 in fall 2014.

GrahamGolden2233d ago

it was indeed expensive....650 euros at launch

650 euros FFS...this + xbox 1 year and a half headstart hurt the ps3 alot...

but they did catch the xbox and will surpass it worldwide sales later on

they had their lesson guarantee...they wont do the same mistakes they did with the ps3

andibandit2232d ago

You people are holding on to the past. The next generation will be won by whoever can sway the casual crowd. Nintendo did ot out of the blue this generation. This time it wont be motion gaming as athe driving force. A large userbase is necessary to draw in developers and will allow for more original games as developers wont be as pressured to stay with mainstream games to make a profit.

linkratos2233d ago

I would say from SNES to PS1 was the golden age. SNES had amazing RPGs in addition to great other stuff, Genesis was fantastic, and the N64/PS1 speak for themselves. Not saying the PS2-Wii era has been worse or better, but something is different about gaming. I'm glad we have these distinct eras in the medium.

humbleopinion2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Actually, the proper trope "golden age of RPGs" is referring to the late 80's and early 90's on the PC where SSI released their gold box engine and tons of successful games on it (hence the name "golden"):

The years following the golden age were even better, with games like Diablo, Elder Scrolls, and the black isle / bioware games expanding and reinventing the genre. Obviously, you needed to have a PC to experience these, as console RPGS started turning a bit formulaic following the genre defining Chrono series.

KNero2233d ago

Yeah, when it came to storyline. But when it comes to battle mechanics, XII was the best. I seriously teared up when I knew that I was released from those glass shatter grind days.

Caffo012233d ago

@ Tr10wn

There are a lot of players actually.. and if you're going to try 2.0 when it comes out ( if you even know what 2.0 is) i think you'll be surprised.

OMEGAZONE2232d ago

Correction 7 to 12 are the best.
Everything else is forgettable.

dragonrage002232d ago

you clearly havent played vi...

XB1_PS42232d ago

I think Final fantasy VII deserves to be in the best's.

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2pacalypsenow2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Playstation era was the best in console gaming IMO . And the Quake era was the best in PC

Agheil2233d ago


blumatt2232d ago

I just watched that. Lmao. Hahaha. I think the kid might have been not all there.

Carl_Shocker2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Modern Era...big picture of Lightning

Should of just been called the "Mistake" Era instead

2009-2011 they screwed up with each title...I mean how do you do that when everything in the Golden Age was gold.

I find it funny how they seem to notice their problem yet still feel the need to shove Lightning or anything FF13 related down our throats ...yet the one thing with want, Versus, we don't hear about.

Gamer-Z2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I know its like they don't want to give us what we want but instead give us what we don't want and then they get mad and wonder why the game didn't sell like COD.

tordavis2232d ago

Games with lightening keep selling millions. It makes business sense.

Qrphe2233d ago

PlayStation era was definitely the best era so far of console RPGs. I also played the best PC RPGs around those years too.

vortis2233d ago

The late SNES through PSX era was pretty sweet for gaming overall on any platform.

Most companies already know this just like most gamers already know this.

FFVI - IX, Baldur's Gate, Fallout, Parasite Eve, etc,. etc. Games rocked back then.

ritsuka6662232d ago

I agree , rpgs in this days sucks compared the golden age of PS1/PS2 era.... =/

cpayne932232d ago

The late 90s were the golden era for gaming in general.